Personalized Dog Collars

Personalized dog collars are very popular as it allows details such as your dog’s name, contact details to be included on the collar. A personalized collar offers extra safety should your dog wanders off or is lost.

Best Personalized Dog Collars

Common types of personalized collars include personalized heavy duty dog collars, personalized martingale dog collars, personalized leather dog collars, personalized embroidered dog collars, personalized reflective dog collars, and personalized buckle dog collars.

Metal buckle dog collars may provide a slight advantage over plastic quick-release clips as it is stronger and does not break easily. But this very much depends on the type and size of your dog.

Leather dog collars are softer and can be more comfortable for your dog. Though it might cost slightly more, it is a well worth investment for adult dogs.

ROAD iD Personalized Buckle Dog Collar Tag
ROAD iD Personalized ID Tag Dog Collar
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uckle-Down Polyester Personalized Dog Collar
Buckle-Down Polyester Personalized Dog Collar
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Collar Size

It is important to check the collar size frequently such as once a week, especially for a puppy. Ideally, the collar should fit around your puppy’s neck with enough room for you to fit two fingers between his neck and the collar.

It should not be so tight as to restrict his breathing or cause coughing, nor should it be so loose that it slips over its head.

Martingale dog collar sizing chart

Our Top Picks On Personalized Dog Collar

We have selected some of the personalized dog collars from brands like BLUEBERRY PET, CUSTOM CATCH, LUCKYPET, GOTAGS, ANYIFAN, DIDOG, etc. for your consideration and selection. If you want a good recommendation on personalized dog collars do check out the following:


  • A personalized dog collar crafted with both comfort, safety, and durability in mind 
  • It is made with extra durable BioThane coated webbing that is waterproof and resistant to dirt, oil, and odors
  • Easy to clean as it can be rinsed and dried
  • Designed with a reflective strip to keep your dog highly visible in dim, low-light settings or dark environments  
  • The collar can be laser-engraved with your dog’s name & phone number, up to 25 characters for quick identification for your pup
  • Buckle design, adjustable collar with 4 holes for a perfect fit and features a non-corrosive D-ring for leash and tag attachment
  • Available in 5 collar sizes and 3 color options to choose from


  • This personalized dog collar is made with safety and durability in mind, with ultra-strong woven nylon construction, and high-visibility stitching to keep your pooch visible
  • Crafted with a stainless steel D-ring that is rust-resistant
  • Your pup’s name, address & 2 phone numbers can be laser engraved and it’s designed with a molded silicone to help protect the engraving
  • Easy to clean as it can be hand washed
  • Available in 3 collar sizes and 4 color options to choose from


  • This personalized dog collar is made to be strong and durable
  • Handcrafted in the USA using polyester material
  • Design with a plastic buckle that is easy to use and a sturdy D-ring
  • Easy to clean as it can be hand washed and air dry
  • Available in 3 collar sizes


  • This martingale dog collar fits dog’s neck size 18″ to 26″. Has 1″ width and is suitable for large dogs.
  • The collar holds well and does not stretch itself.
  • Martingale collar is a slip collar is popular with other dogs due to its gentle control function when use with the dog.
  • Does not have buckle and therefore please use the manufacturer size chart to take measurements at the head and neck.  Collar selected should be large enough to slip over the head.


  • Leather dog collar comes in 1 inch collar width for Medium or Large size. 3/4 inch collar width for small size, and 1/2 inch width collar for extra small size. 
  • Personalised dog collar with your phone number and your puppy or dog’s name.
  • Collar size. When measuring your dog’s neck, leave room to slide 2 fingers under the tape measure when snug around the dog’s neck.


  • Personalized Embroidered Martingale Dog Collar.
  • Customized with your dog’s name and your phone number to help ensure safety for your dog should it wander off or get lost.
  • Nylon Martingale Greyhound Dog Collar, adjustable from 10 to 20 inches.  Putting on by slipping over dog’s head.
  • Order by (1) choosing color, (2) clicking customise now to provide your personalized embroidery information.
  • Come with life time guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Personalized Metal Bucket dog collar – the text on the metal buckle will last for many years, the best anti-lost dog collar. 
  • Bucket for you to quickly and easily remove your dog’s collar when necessary.
  • The neckline is sewn with double-layer high-quality canvas for thicker and more durable. The zinc alloy and copper fittings do not rust.
  • Features a stainless steel D-ring to freely match the rope.
  • Bohemian-style dog collars are the most popular.
  • Available in strong and bright colors and 2 sizes to choose from


  • Personalized Nameplate dog collar using advanced laser engraving technique to keep your dog information engraved permanently
  • Comes with stylish soft suede leather by hand-braided making your furry friend looks more attractive and distinctive
  • Wide variety of more than 10 rich color choices to make your pup stand out from the rest
  • Size: XS to XL collar size to choose for your dog
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