Best Dog Snow Boots

Do Dogs Really Need Snow or Winter Boots?

In winter, your dog can benefit from wearing snow or winter boots. It is common in urban areas to find salt being used on sidewalks to melt the ice and snow which can burn the pads of your dog’s feet. Other ice-melting chemicals like magnesium and calcium chloride can also irritate your dog’s feet, as well as cause an upset stomach when he licks his feet afterwards.

Other than protecting and keeping the cold and snow out of your pup’s paw in the winter, these dog snow boots provide a natural sensation of traction for your dog, giving them a greater sense of security. 

When choosing these boots, be sure that they fit snugly, but don’t secure them too tightly or you will cut off circulation. It the boots are too tight, your dog can get frostbitten toes.

So which type of dog snow boots should you get for your pup, what are the important features to look for, and how to choose the right ones for the best paw protection?

You can find the answers to these questions by scrolling down on this page.

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Top Best Dog Snow Boots

We have evaluated dozens of top rated dog snow boots brands like Ruffwear, Muttluks, Ultra Paws, Winsoon, Bark Brite. Here is our review and recommendation on the best dog boots for your consideration.

Dog Winter Snow Boots & Hiking Shoes


  • Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots protect your dog’s paws from rough abrasive surfaces, extreme temperatures & other harsh conditions like snowmelt chemicals and hot pavements 
  • The Ruffwear-designed non-marking rubber outsoles give your pets traction and flexibility so they can cross tricky areas with ease
  • These boots are made with weather-resistant upper that keeps debris, dirt and moisture out while keeping your dogs comfortable
  • The hook-and-loop closure system provides a comfortable, secure and snug fit so your furry friends can walk with confidence
  • Your dog can wear these booties for everyday walking and hiking in all hot and cold weather including rainy days
  • Colors/Sizes: Meadow Green or Twilight Gray & various sizes to choose from
  • Available in sets of 2 boots or 4 boots


  • Barefoot technology that’s pawsitively comfortable. Snow Mushers are a unique combination of quality, comfort and durability for your dog.
  • Reflective accents provide nighttime visibility and safety
  • Fleece inner lining for cozy winter use
  • 100% recycled flexible and rugged rubber soles with traction treads
  • Extra-large opening for easy-on
  • Unique double-wrap fastening system


  • Made of a Cordura/Supplex fabric which has durability in snow and dries quickly.
  • A single strap of velcro allows easy closure of the boots and is tacked to keep the boot from slipping under the strap during use.
  • Ideal for snow to prevent snow balls on bottoms of feet. Not for use on pavement or hard surfaces. 
  • These boots are more water resistant and tightly woven than fleece but fleece offers a warm, soft pad.
  • Price is for four boots


  • [ WINTER DOG BOOTIES ] – 4 Pack shoes sold together, made of soft PU leather material, anti-slip rubber soles let your puppy moves freely and safely in outside/inside activities, durable paw protectors can keep them warm, dry and comfort in cold weather.
  • [ EASY TO WEAR CUTE & DURABLE ] – The Dog pet shoes are lightweight, look cute and could be easily put on/off, protect against heat pavement/sand and keep cold/snow away, secure clean paws all season around. Adjustable Velcro straps ensure a tight fit, so these running shoes for dogs doesn’t get kicked out.
  • [ DESIGN FOR COMFORT & PROTECTION ] – WINSOON Dog Boots are fleece lined, conform to its natural paw shape, and provide a natural feeling of traction for your pup. Dogs will feel safer and being protected with our shoes on.

Dog Hiking, Swimming & Snow Shoes


  • Bark Brite Dog Booties are great indoor and outdoor dog shoes for all weather conditions and activities including hiking, hunting, swimming, and running
  • They are great snow shoes as well as dog rain boots
  • Made using high quality breathable neoprene that conform to your dog’s paw shape without inhibiting their natural paw movements
  • These durable dog booties are puncture resistant and water resistant with non-skid soft rubber sole with treads to keep the paws dry, clean and well protected from sharp objects, rocky rough surface, ice and snow, hot asphalt, wet and slippery surfaces
  • Comes with 2 elastic reflective straps for high visibility and flexible adjustment to fit securely and comfortably
  • They are easy to put on and easy to clean
  • Upgraded heel guard for extra durability
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Each set includes 4 booties.

Winter Dog Boots

winter dog boots
Winter Dog Booties

Winter dog boots are boots made out of synthetic or natural leather and lined with warm materials such as flax, cotton, faux fur, wool, flannel, and cashmere.

This type of dog boots is perfect for keeping the feet of your pooch warm. It greatly helps if your house’s internal heating isn’t adequate. It protects your dog’s feet from the issues that cold temperatures give. 

Dog Snow Boots

Snow Boots for Dogs

Snow dog boots are boots that protect your dog’s feet from slipping, blistering, and the sharp materials on the surface of the snow. They fall under the category of winter boots. Their structure is very similar. But compared to winter dog boots, they come with additional functions such as anti-slip soles, water-resistant leather, etc.

If your dog is fond of going out during snowy days, let him wear snow dog boots. Snow can be quite damaging for your pet’s paws. For example, snow salts on the sidewalk can settle between your pooch’s toes and cause bruising.

Aside from this, snow can make your dog’s feet dry. Eventually, the dryness will result in the cracking of your pet’s pads. This isn’t a minor issue. Cracked pads are a bit painful and will make it hard for your pet to walk.

Dog Hiking Boots

Dog Boots for Hiking
Dog Hiking Shoes

The warm touch of summer makes the wild very vibrant. Flowers are in full bloom, butterflies are fluttering around, and the shadows of trees hit the green grass underneath to emulate nature’s painting. Not to mention, there’s also the calm flow of rivers and streams. You shouldn’t waste moments like this. So pack your things and go hiking with your pet.

But before you go, understand that your pet’s bare paws will be at the mercy of thorny plants, rocky ground, ants, and other harmful things. So to avoid tragedies, get your dog a pair of dog hiking boots.

Dog hiking boots are dog boots with solid yet airy construction. They come with thick soles that prevent your pet from slipping on fine ground, rocks, or mud. Normally, dog hiking boots are made out of rubber, leather, or fabric.

What To Consider When Choosing Dog Booties?

Look at the construction of the dog boots before buying. Ensure that all the parts like the soles, insoles, upper, etc. are stitched. We have seen dog boots that hold themselves through glue. They can be quite problematic. After being wet, their soles and other parts tend to separate.

Another factor that you have to consider is the method of securing the dog boots on your pet’s feet. The method of securing is a big thing because you don’t want it wearing dog boots that constantly fall off. The most common items for locking the dog boots on your pet’s feet are velcro straps, buttons, and laces. Between the three, the best are velcro straps. It’s because they don’t loosen even if the dog gnaws on them. Buttons are good too. However, putting them on can be hard especially if the dog fidgets. I don’t recommend you to get dog boots that use laces. They loosen easily. Furthermore, dogs love to gnaw or chew them.

You might get large, medium, or small dog boots depending on how big your pet’s feet are. Before buying, you might want to measure your dog’s feet. Measurements should be about the width and length. If you don’t know how to do this, go to dog clubs or vets and let them do the work

You might get large, medium, or small dog boots depending on how big your pet’s feet are. Before buying, you might want to measure your dog’s feet. Measurements should be about the width and length. If you don’t know how to do this, go to dog clubs or vets and let them do the work

The insoles are very important. They ensure that your dog will get accustomed to wearing dog boots quickly. Your ideal dog boots should have insoles that don’t make the dog feel like it’s wearing something. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be rough or slippery.

Some expensive brands of dog boots have imprints so that the dogs’ feet position themselves naturally.

Non-slip or skid resistant boots are important features for rain boots and snow boots. Boots with grippers will help prevent your dog from injuries while hiking. 

Important Characteristics of Doggie Boots

The Lining Is Very Important for Winter Boots

The most important characteristic of winter boots is the material for lining that manufacturers used. There’s lots of warm fabric. However, some may discomfort your pet. For dog winter boots, those that use cashmere, cotton, and flannel are the best. Aside from retaining heat well, they don’t cause allergies and don’t get infested with dermestids.

For Snow Dog Boots, The Soles Should Have Grippers or Non-Slip Features

In snow boots, the design of the soles comes first. And the type of lining comes second. If you’re buying snow dog boots, ensure that the soles have grippers. Grippers are indentations on the soles that prevent the dog boots from slipping on ice and snow. They can be removable or built-in. If grips aren’t present, look for non-slip features such as serrated or rough sole surface.

For Rain Boots, Lightweight Construction and Flexible Soles Are Key

Rubber can be quite heavy. This is why you should go for rainboots that use light rubber material. It’s easy to distinguish light rain boots. Their exterior is thin. Furthermore, they usually velcro straps to minimize the weight that additional parts give.

Rain boots have flexible soles. This helps the dog walk normally. It also prevents awkward paw positioning while wearing.

Hiking Dog Boots Have Puncture-Resistant, Rugged Soles

The most important characteristic of hiking dog boots is their thick soles. Hiking dog boots function to prevent the dog’s paws from getting into contact with rocks, thorns, and insects while hiking. As a result, manufacturers make their soles thick. In addition, their soles come with grips, spikes, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Boots

Your dog will walk awkwardly on its first time wearing dog boots. He might display uncoordinated steps. and jumpy walking or running. He might also start biting on the boots to get them off. However, these aren’t harmful. Your dog will get used to the sensation of wearing dog boots eventually. After buying dog boots, let your dog wear them for 3 to 4 minutes. Gradually increase the duration as your dog becomes accustomed.

It’s fine if you don’t do so. However, it’s better to have more than one kind of dog boots in stores. Dog boots are seasonal dog accessories. This means that they will be useful all year round. Therefore, more than one type isn’t wasteful.

Some materials for making dog boots can make the paw of your pet itchy. Common dog boots that  may cause allergies are dog boots that use materials like rubber, wool, and leather.

The choice is up to you. However, I recommend that you let your dog wear boots for 4-6 minutes every day if it’s not used to them yet.

If your dog is already used to wearing dog boots, then the choice is up to you. Nevertheless, you should let your pet wear dog boots every time you go out with it.

Dog Booties Takeaways

Dog boots are useful for puppies, adult dogs, and elderly dogs. They are very beneficial accessories for raising your pooch. Picking the right one isn’t like picking blue-berries. Giving your pet the wrong boots might lead to problems later on. We are sure that the essential pieces of information here will help you avoid making a regretful purchase. Choose quality dog boots we recommended here to protect your pet’s innocent steps!

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