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Puppy Playpen & Dog Exercise Pen

A dog playpen is like a child’s playpen and generally is larger than a dog crate. Unlike a dog crate, a dog playpen provides plenty of room for your playful pups to move around and have fun in a safe enclosure. It is another must-have for raising a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog or puppy.

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Why Do You Need A Dog Playpen?

A dog exercise pen or playpen

  • allows you to leave your pups unsupervised when you are busy.
  • Give them the freedom to play in their “playground” when you’re busy around the house.
  • Keep you dog or puppy from wandering around large, open rooms
  • Acclimate your dog or puppy to other pets by keeping them apart until they are more familiar with each other.

The dog pen should be big enough for you to put water and meal bowls in, as well as your doggie’s favorite toys. Your furry friends will probably sleep some of the time, but give them plenty of toys to keep them amused.

Types of Dog Pen

There are various types of dog pens in the marketplace such as indoor playpen, outdoor dog exercise pen, portable dog pen, and also pop-up dog playpen. They are also available in different materials such as plastic, metal, and nylon. Some of the playpens do not have a roof or cover, then you’ll want to make sure to get one that is tall enough so your playful pups cannot jump out from it.

A foldable playpen can be tucked away or transported easily too.

Pet Gear Travel Lite Soft-Sided Dog Pen with Removable Top
Pet Gear's Soft-Sided Dog Playpen, Removable Top

How To Train Your Pups To Love Their Playpen?

You need to train your dog or puppy to love its pen by using dog treats and toys. As such, don’t push or force your dog into a playpen and expect it to be happy. Using treats or toys you can put them inside the playpen. Your pooch will move towards the treats and will want to get in.  Let it into the playpen to eat the treat. Using this routine, your dog will get accustomed to the playpen.

Best Plastic Dog Playpen

We have evaluated dozens of plastic dog playpens in the market to bring you the best. If you want a good recommendation on the best plastic dog playpen, check out our reviews below.


  • IRIS 4-Panel Exercise Plastic Playpen is 2-feet high and covers 8 squares of space so there is plenty of room for the small and medium-sized dog to run around and play safely
  • This collapsible, portable playpen can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Made with durable, heavy-duty molded plastic that will never rust and last for years to come
  • Features double steel door latches so you never have to worry about your playful pup getting out
  • Easy to set up with no tools required and it comes with a non-skip rubber foot on each panel that protects flooring when used indoors
  • Size: 36″ L x 36″ W x 23.6″ H
  • 3 Colors to choose from: White, Dark Gray, and Black


  • Indoor and Outdoor dog pen comes in 6-Panels. This is a plastic dog playpen made of strong, durable plastic and comes in an attractive Light Gray finish that fits flawlessly with any decor.
  • The containment area is a nice 18.5 square feet of play space and is 26″ high.  Keeping your dog with worry-free safety.
  • This enclosure has a small swinging door which your dog can enter in and out of the area. This small door also locks so as to securely contain your dog when needed.
  • Flexible and configurable – This 6-Panel playpen can be made smaller by removing 2 panels to create a smaller play pen. Also, additional extension panels are available to provide an even larger play area for your dog, that is up to 34 square feet of enclosed space when required.
  • Portable and lightweight – this lightweight yard is easy to move, perfect for travel, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Size: 18.5″ L x 18.5″ W x 26″ H


  • Provide your dog with a safe, designated area of 34.4 square feet to move around comfortably and play with his toys
  • This versatile dog pen can be used outdoors and indoors to keep puppies and dogs of all sizes safely contained, whether you are at home or away
  • Features a lockable swing door made of strong, durable plastic to allow your pup to enter in and out of the pen, with a locking Grip-n-Twist latch when you need to keep your furry friend securely contained
  • Configurable –  The 8-panel play yard is 26″ tall and encloses up to 34. 4 square feet of space. It can be made smaller by removing 2 panels at a time to create a smaller play area or a cozy crate for training or sleeping.
  • Safe for floors –  comes with durable skid-resistant pads that allow the dog pen to stay put and won’t scratch or damage the flooring.
  • Portable – foldable panels and convenient carry strap make this lightweight and portable, perfect for travel
  • Size: 10.75″ L x 35.24″ W x 26.75″ H


  • Tespo dog playpen will help you create a wonderful play area for your dog which provides maximum interaction.
  • Come with 12 panels, each pane size is 28 by 20 inches. Provides a maximum space of 20 square feet.
  • Transparent plastic panels allows you to interact with your dogs easily  and visibly from any angle, at any time.
  • Extendable DIY feature allows you to expand your playpen to bigger space when you want. All the means giving ample exercise and play area for your dog keeping him healthy and happy.

Best Metal Dog Playpen

We have evaluated dozens of metal dog playpens in the market to bring you the best. If you want a good recommendation on the best metal exercise dog pen, check out our reviews below.


  • Petmate’s Exercise Pens features 8 wire panels that can easily be configured to various shapes – square, rectangle, or octagon according to your needs, and provide a safe outdoor or indoor exercise and play area for your pups
  • Can also be converted into a 16-feet fence when extended
  • This dog pen is suitable for dogs of all sizes including the giant breed, thanks to the 48-inches height
  • The easy-access doorway securely latches closed with double locks
  • Portable and easy to fold flat for easy storage and convenient transport
  • Comes with a snap hook assembly allowing you to attach it to your pet wire crate
  • Easy and quick to set up with no tools required
  • Size: 60″ L x 60″ W x 48″ H. Shorter heights are also available for your selection.


  • This is a great playpen to provides a safe and secure play area for both puppies and adult dogs whether outside or indoors
  • The easy-access doorway securely latches closed with double locks and an additional safety clip
  • Portable and easy to fold flat for travel and storage
  • Metal anchors are included to keep the pen in place when used outdoors
  • Can be configured into rectangle, square, or octagon shape
  • If you need a larger play area for multiple pets, you can connect 2 Frisco exercise pens together using the included snap hooks
  • Various size to choose from


  • Perfect for dog parents looking for a dog pen that give your pup a “yard” of his own and keep him safe and out of trouble
  • The unique design and accessories of this dog pen will allow you to easily converted it to a portable 18-foot dog fence
  • It can be set up on hard surfaces and on soft ground, making it perfect for use both indoor and outdoor
  • The panels are constructed to last using rust-resistant and durable galvanized steel with a decorative silver crackle finish
  • These panels can also be disassembled flat for easy storage and one of these panels has a built-in gate for easy access to your pooch
  • High-quality construction with your pet safety in mind – no exposed pins, screws, or wires to injure your dog
  • Easy to set up with no tools required for the assembly
  • It is collapsible, easy to take it down to store away or transport it
  • Suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, including the large and giant breeds
  • You can join multiple sets together for a larger dog run area
  • Size: 38.583″ L x 38.583″ W x 37.008″ H


  • Metal Dog PlayPen – This black metal exercise pen is also a playpen with door from MidWest Homes.
  • Durable and sturdy – Enclosure can keep your dog secure and safe both indoors or outside.  
  • Comes with 8 pieces of 24″ wide panels and is available in 5 different heights. When fully assembled, this metal dog play pen provides your dog with 16 square feet of enclosed playing or exercise area.
  • Has Step-Thru door allows your dog to get into or out of the playpen easily without disconnecting the panels. Also for you when you need to provide food bowls and water when necessary
  • Easy an Quick to assemble – just need to unfold the panels use the included clips to clip the panels together.
  • For outdoor use, use the 8 ground anchors, 8 corner stabilizers and 4 thumb snaps for easy assembly.


  • Giantex 40 inch Dog Playpen with Door has 16 panels connected together to provide a safe and comfortable enclosure for your pups
  • It can be rearranged into multiple shapes like octagon, square, or rectangle to best match your space
  • And it is rust proof and weather-resistant so you can place it outdoors or indoor
  • Constructed with heavy-duty metal material, this sturdy dog playpen is durable for long-time use
  • Door with double locks to keep your dog securely contained and the round edges will keep your pup safe and away from injury or scratching
  • The foldable design and portable feature provides convenient storage and transportation
  • Easy to set up with no tools required for the assembly
  • Great for dogs of all sizes, from small to large breeds
  • Size: 156″ L x 96″ W x 40″ H

Best Soft-Sided Dog Playpen

We have evaluated dozens of soft dog playpens in the market to bring you the best. If you want a good recommendation on the best soft-sided dog playpen, check out our reviews below.


  • This light-weight portable playpen is perfect for traveling and outdoor picnics, as well as indoor use
  • Made of durable water-resistant nylon & mesh material that is built to last
  • It can be folded flat completely to save storage space and unfold easily into a secure and safe play area for your furry friends
  • Comes with a removable top that helps to protect your pup from the sun
  • Well ventilated pen with a front door that opens for easy access
  • Easy to clean up with the interior water-resistant floor
  • Size:  This large size playpen measures 46″L x 46″W x 28″H. Also available in medium size (36″ L x 36″ W x 21″ H).


  • This portable playpen is perfect for use indoor and outdoor
  • It can be easily folded down and comes with a free carrying bag so you can bring it with you whenever you travel
  • It has two doors with locking zippers to help keep your playful pups where they should belong
  • There are lots of ventilation so your pooch will get plenty of fresh air while playing in it
  • Comes with 3 pockets for storage – two for storing accessories, and one specifically for a water bottle
  • The floor mat is easy to zip off and is washable for easy cleaning
  • Material: Water-resistant Nylon
  • Color: a wide variety of beautiful color combinations to choose from
  • Size: This playpen measures 62″L x 62″W x 24″H and folds down to 28″L x 26″W x 3″H. Also available in smaller sizes.


  • Portable and stylish 8-Panel Puppy and Dog Playpen with a spacious interior to offer your small and medium pups ample room to move around comfortably
  • Includes an exterior side pocket for storing toys and treats, a water dispenser hole, and a water bottle holder to keep your pup refreshed and entertained
  • Made with quality, durable and water-resistant material
  • It has protected seams and reinforced corners to ensure your dog’s safety
  • Also comes with 4 stakes to secure the pen to the ground during outdoor use
  • Features 2 mesh doors, a mesh top, and mesh windows on the sides ensuring good ventilation for your furry pals 
  • Set up in a breeze – Pops up in seconds, no assembly needed. Can fold flat completely for easy storage and comes with a carry bag for easy transport.
  • Designed to provide a safe and comfortable playing zone for your dog, this playpen can be easily placed in the indoor, outdoor in the garden or carried to campsites 
  • 3 Sizes to choose from:  Small: 36″ L x 36″ W x 24″ H, Medium: 45″ L x 45″ W x 24″ H, Large: 61″ L x 61″ W x 30″ H


  • Pop Up dog playpen – comes with 8-panels which are foldable. This pop up playpen is a fantastic way for you to better control and train your new puppy.
  • Comfortable, roomy and strong for both indoor and outdoor use.  Made of high quality Oxford coated 600 enter material.
  • Suitable for most dogs.  Comes in two sizes: Small dog playpen: 28 x 28 x 18inches. Medium dog playpen 35 x 35 x 24 inches. 
  • Quality and well design –   First grade materials used and the workmanship is excellent with all the panels are sewn perfectly. Easy to clean and resistance to wear.  Also machine washable.
  • The top of the tent can be opened and the side door can be opened for pets to play. Zipper off the top for easy access, also has a zippered front door so your pet can walk in and out
  • Foldable – Can be folded up to the size of one panel so you can take it anywhere you want to. Playpen fits easily into living room or bedroom.
  • Great for using it indoors, outdoors, for traveling, camping,


  • Furhaven Pet Playpen – Indoor-Outdoor Mesh Open-Air Playpen and Exercise Pen Tent House Playground for Dogs and Cats, Gray, Extra Large
  • Well Design – The dog playpen features a tent housing design that promotes security and provides an enclosed space for small pets to play or lounge
  • Great Air Flow – the light mesh ‘windows’ and ceiling deliver good air flow and visibility
  • Portable – is an easy-open, pop-up tent that can be assembled and put away within minutes.  Its flexible construction makes it highly portable, which is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and picnics
  • Colour choices – Hunter Green, Sailor Blue, and Gray.
  • Sizes – available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
  • Easy to clean


  • Ruff ‘N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen, Available in 3 Sizes.
  • Safe and secure – playpen is reinforced with attached floor mat to ensure your pet’s safety.
  • Spacious interior – gives your dog room to play.
  • Well Design –  8-Panel design with protected seams and reinforced corners. Made from durable water-resistant materials. Removed zippered top for indoor use, and closed for outdoor use to provide shade. Zippered door provides easy in and out access for your pet. Close the door to keep your pet safely inside.
  • Portable – for indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight, yet strong makes this ideal for traveling, camping and easy mobility. Comes with convenient carrying case.
  • Easy setup and storage – Pops up in seconds with no need for any assembly. Folds flat when not in use for easy carrying and storing. Comes along with a convenient carry case.
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