Best Dog Carrier Backpack

What Are The Benefits of Dog Backpack Carrier?

A dog backpack carrier gives you the following advantages:

  • allows free movement than leashing the dog while traveling
  • prevents the dog from straying away
  • makes the dog lighter because you’ll be using your back’s strength and not the arms
  • more affordable than dog trolley
  • easier to store than a dog crate

So what are the types of dog backpack carriers available in the market, what are the factors to consider or to avoid when choosing one for hiking & outdoor travel? We will answer these questions by sharing some tips to help you choose the right one, as well as answer some commonly asked questions at the end of this article.

If you are already familiar with dog carrier backpack and like to see which are the best ones we recommend, then just click on the button below to jump to Our Top Picks For The Best Dog Carrier Backpacks.

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Best Dog Backpack Carrier

What Are The Different Types of Dog Carrier Backpack?

Manufacturers make dog backpack carriers as dog hiking backpack carrier or front-facing dog carrier backpack. There’s also another type of backpack carrier that you can carry at the back or at the front. Last but not least, there are  5-in-one multi-purpose backpack carriers that can be used as backpack, car seat, tote bag, carry on bag, as well as a roller bag.

Dog Hiking Backpack Carrier

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack For Hiking with Small Dogs
Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack Built For Adventures >>
K9 Sport Sack Forward Facing Dog Carrier Backpack
K9 Sport Sack Carrier Backpack >>

As the name implies, hiking dog backpack carriers are useful for traveling with your dog on woodlands, mountains, marshes, etc. Dog backpack carriers look pretty similar to hiking backpacks. The only difference is that they have an additional compartment where a small or medium-sized dog can fit into.

Moreover, the material for making dog hiking carriers are either waterproof polyethylene, synthetic fabric, or fine mesh material. Dog hiking carriers come in large, small, or medium sizes.

Large dog hiking carriers can contain clothing, food supplies, and hiking equipment aside from the dog. Medium ones can only carry food and clothing. Small dog hiking carriers can only carry a dog and a few personal belongings.

Dog Front Carrier (a.k.a Dog Chest Carrier)

The front dog carrier design can be similar to a hiking backpack carrier. However, the notable thing about front-facing dog carriers is that they let you carry your pooch in a frontal position. Most front dog carriers aren’t large. Thus, they’re ideal for traveling with smaller dogs and pups.

Handsfree Legs Out Front & Back Dog Backpack Carrier
KUOSER Adjustable Front Legs Out Dog Carrier >>

Back vs Front Carrier: Which Should You Get?

Both back carrier and front facing dog carrier are equally great. However, remember these key points.

If you have a large dog, then we will recommend you to go with a back carrier. The same applies if you prefer a carrier that’s more spacious for your pup. One of the downside with the back dog carrier is that it restricts movement.

On the other hand, a dog front carrier is what you need if you would like to move freely. A front carrier integrates itself with your torso. As a result, it moves in unison with your movements.

Kurgo K9 Dog Backpack Carrier
Kurgo K9 Rucksack Dog Carrier Backpack >>

Buying from online shops is your best bet. Online shops have a vast collection of dog backpack carriers with a design that fits the size, temperament, and breed of your dog. 

Tailoring stores also make customized dog backpack carriers. However, their completion takes a long because the tailors have to plan the design, material, and construction for making the dog carrier that you need.

Some dogs may feel uncomfortable the first time they are put into a dog backpack carrier. That’s the reason why dog parents should consider buying it early so that you can train your dog.

Training is easy. All you have to do is fit your pooch in the backpack carrier and walk around the house or your neighborhood at least once a day.

The following signs will tell you your doggie is ready and you may stop the training:

  • lack of fidgeting or other unecessary movements
  • relaxed breathing or panting
  • refrainment from gnawing the dog backpack carrier
  • lack of sudden bolting movements to jump out of the backpack carrier

Our Top Picks: Best Dog Carrier Backpack

We have evaluated dozens of top-rated dog backpack carriers in the market to identify the best dog backpack carrier for hiking, walking, and outdoor travel.

There are some airline-approved backpacks, some leg out front carrier backpack for the smaller breeds, and others that will fit bigger ones like Corgi. No matter what you need a dog backpack for, we have you covered.

Design to carry pets up to 25 lbs, Kurgo Dog Backpack Carrier is what you need for traveling with your dog abroad. Built for adventures, this backpack is rugged, yet comfortable enough for a daily commute

It is well ventilated with mesh window for maximum air circulation to  ensure that your dog won’t chase its breathing during the flight.


  • Adjustable and padded shoulder strap for all day comfort
  • You can easily convert from a carrier backpack  into a traditional travel carrier bag
  • It is lightweight, waterproof, rugged and tough, yet stain resistant and easy to wipe clean
  • Comes with numerous compartments for carrying laptop, clothes, and other essentials while your pooch sits and relaxes in a separate compartment
  • Features zipped pockets and water bottle holders on the sides
  • This hands free dog backpack carrier is airline and TSA approved so you won’t need to spent additional  on buying or renting another airline approved dog crates
  • Has a very compact and solid build for fitting easily in any storage space
  • Waterproof bottom for preventing your dog from littering on the plane
  • Design to carry pets up to 25 lbs
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty which is a bonus for buyers

Dimension: approximately 20.5″ H x 14″ L x 9.5″ W

Color: available in Red or Black

K9 Sport Sack Backpack comes in different sizes to fit small, medium, and large dogs. The X-Large Rover is designed to carry dog breeds that weights up to 80 lbs. You can find an ideal carrier backpack for dog of all breeds, from the small ones like Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, to the big ones like Corgi, Sheltie, and even larger ones like Boxer, Collie and Husky. 

This dog carrier serves as a good travel bag for hiking, biking, shopping, camping, and shopping. K9 sport sack carrier is one of the safest, easy to use, and comfortable dog carrier backpack on the market. It has all the features that a high quality travel carrier you will need to go on fun adventures with your pooch.


  • Hands-free, easy to use, comfortable and safe
  • Comes with a detachable storage bag (14″ x 9″) to hold extra gear
  • Fully ventilated sides for maximum air flow
  • Adjustable dual side pockets to store doggy treats, mobile phone and small items
  • Neoprene lined front leg holes
  • Elastic shoulder straps and padded back side for maximum comfort
  • Elastic straps to carry water bladders or hanging supplies

Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large

Color: different models available in various color options


Pet Ami Deluxe is for owners who look for slimness and coherence for their dog carriers. The construction of the zippers, strap, pockets, and dog compartment is very solid. Furthermore, this construction follows a consistent rectangular shape that makes this product look like a portable dog crate.

This one serves as a good dog hiking carrier. It has all the features for keeping your canine cozy and safe while you’re treading the trail.


  • Mesh window so that your pooch can see the outside
  • Side openings for keeping the interior cool
  • Cozy sherpa lined bedding so that your dog can lie down or sit comfortably
  • A firm rectangular structure that doesn’t collapse even if the fabric is wet
  • Interior strap and buckle to prevent your pup from escaping and moving too much
  • Ergonomic back and shoulder straps are equipped with extra thick padding for your maximum comfort during long hiking trip and help prevent your shoulders from straining
  • Comes with both chest and waist buckles to give you extra support
  • 2-way entry for convenient and easy entry and exit
  • Comes with a collapsible pet bowl, side pouches and a front pocket to store essential dog supplies for the trip
  • Weight capacity: up to 18 lbs

Dimension: approximately 12.5″ x 10.2″ x 16.3″ (L x W x H). 

Color: available in 9 colors – Red, Black, Pink, Heather Taupe, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Heather Gray, Dark Gray, and Light Gray.


Kurgo K9 Rucksack Carrier Backpack has all the features you want in a carrier to take your dog everywhere you go and travel in style. It has plenty of room, ventilation, and an interior pad that can be removed to be washed

This backpack also comes equipped with room for your iPad and laptop, an interior tether to keep your pooch in place, and a waterproof and muck-proof bottom that wards off even the dirtiest of subway floors.


  • The roomy interior gives your pup sufficient space
  • An inner tether keeps your furry friend properly secured
  • Top fabric can be rolled back for more ventilation
  • The patented Armorsole bottom is 100% waterproof, dirt-proof, and is easy to clean
  • Removable, washable interior pad
  • Design with top and side panels to provide ample ventilation
  • Features a back iPad pocket, bottle opener on roll-top buckles, and zip-down top mesh
  • Ideal for dogs up to 25 lbs

The Outward Hound Pooch Pouch Front Carrier is the perfect dog carrier for carrying small to medium sized dogs safely, comfortably and easily when you are on-the-go.

This hands-free front pack carrier has a lightweight yet solid structure. The materials aren’t that thick. But it’s what you need for keeping the dog away from feeling hot and preventing yourself from looking bulky. Also, a brilliant design allows you to carry small items aside from your pooch.


  • Dual side pouches and front zip pocket for carrying phone, dog treats and toys
  • Internal strap to prevent your dog from fidgeting, and the interior safety clip can be attached to your dog’s harness for added safety
  • Breathy mesh fabric for keeping your pup cool, and water-resistant nylon for protection from wetting and moisture.
  • Easy to clean and dries quickly
  • Comes with padded shoulder straps and adjustable buckles to keep you comfortable
  • Top drawstring can be cinched for a more secure fit & safer travel

2 sizes available: Small is for dogs up to 7 inches long and 12 inches tall, up to 10 lbs weight. Medium is for dogs up to 10 inches long and 15 inches tall, up to 20 lbs.

2 colors available: Blue or Gray

Mogoko Head Out Carrier is a is a lovely lightweight carrier backpack with slim and trendy design allowing you to look very stylish while carrying your pup for hiking, camping, biking, and sightseeing.


  • Comfortable, durable and healthy material
  • Uses breathable mesh and polyester fiber that provides a soft and cool compartment for your pup
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap and waist strap with buckle help to reduce shoulder pressure, and gives you maximum comfort as well as making the backpack more stable
  • EPE foam padded sides and back keeps both you and your pooch comfortable
  • Comes with a front zippered pocket and 2 side mesh pockets for carrying a phone, keys, poop bags, water bottle, dog leash, treats and other necessities
  • Ventilated head out design with a wide drawstring opening neck hole for your dog to breathe freely, while sticking the head out to enjoy the scenery
  • You can use the interior leash clip to connect to your dog’s collar or harness to prevent it from jumping out from the backpack
  • Removable sturdy bottom cover makes it easier to clean

Sizes: 3 sizes to choose from, Medium for dogs up to 7 lbs, Large for dogs up to 10 lbs, X-Large for dogs up to 15 lbs

Colors: 5 collar options – blue, pink, green, orange, and black

This 5-in-one pet carrier can be used 5 ways – as a carrier, backpack, tote, car seat, or roller bag. It ensures that you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of backpack carriers even if your back is hurting. Most carriers can only be utilized by strapping them on the back. However, this isn’t the case with Pet Gear I-GO2. Underneath its dog compartment are two wheels so you can use it like a roller bag.

Pet Gear I-GO2 is a good option for the elderly who are looking for dog carriers that don’t strain the back and shoulders.


  • A multipurpose carrier to fit all of your travel needs and it meets most airline travel regulations
  • Has two wheels and a retractable handle so that you can transport the dog with this product without lifting
  • Has a firm suitcase-like structure and prevents you from looking awkward
  • Comes with adjustable straps, a telescoping handle with wheels to function as a rolling case
  • Interior tether to secure your pooch
  • Mesh window for ventilation
  • Internal fleece pad that is removable for easy washing
  • Comes with side-pockets for carrying cell phones, keys, dog treats, and other small objects
  • Sides can be expanded to add three inches of additional space 

Colors: 4 color options available

Pecute Dog Hiking Backpack Carrier is the ideal dog carriers for hikers with large pets. It is a collapsible dog carrier backpack that can be expanded to provide more room for movement so that your dog won’t feel cramped or trapped. Furthermore, the firm rectangular structure gives this product a nice solid shape.

The material for the Pecute dog carrier backpack is 100% safe for your pooch. It is made of high quality oxford cloth – non-toxic, chemical-free, waterproof, anti-scratch, and non-irritating.


  • Multiple entrance openings for easy pets access
  • Extendable dog compartment with comfy padded bottom for your furry friend to sit or sleep on comfortably
  • Comes with a chrome-plated hook safety rope and the anti-escapelock zipper for maximum protection 
  • 4-side breathable mesh windows for keeping your dog well ventilated
  • Waterproof, non-toxic, and scratch-resistant oxford fabric material for dogs with sensitive skin and gnawing habits
  • A wide firm rectangular structure for preventing the dog from feeling cramped
  • Adjustable shoulder pad with two retractable buckles on the shoulder and waist to prevent shoulder strap deviation and maintain the stability of the carrier
  • Multiple storage bags and side pockets to contain dog accessories such as bowls and toys, as well as storing your mobile phone, wallet, bottle and other small items

Dimension: approximately 16.5″ H x 13.2″ L x 10.6″ W

Colors: 6 color options available

No matter what’s your purpose of buying, this dog carrier is ready to meet your expectations. Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 dog carrier is the Swiss Army Knife of pet carriers! It’s not only a backpack, it’s also a rolling carrier, a car seat for your pet, and can also be used as bed. There are endless ways on how you can use this carrier. You can use it for hiking with your dog, boarding the plane with your dog, and road-tripping with your dog.


  • Can be strapped on the shoulders and be used as a hiking backpack dog carrier
  • Can be pulled using the retractable handle and be used as a roller dog carrier
  • Positions well on the car seat and perfect as a car dog carrier
  • Wide rectangular dog compartment with bedding, strap, and large window
  • Comes with lightweight mesh on three sides and a front flap that can be rolled down for your furry friend to see what’s going on while still feeling secure and snug in the comfy and padded carrier.
  • You can convert this carrier into a dog bed by simply unzipping the top and bottom mesh panels, secure them to the center support, and then lay the unit on its back.

Sizes: Available in Medium and Large

Color: Black and Red

Kuoser Adjustable Dog Carrier Backpack can be worn either on your back or your front. This hands-free dog carrier help increase your pup’s sense of security when you carry it around.

This lightweight dog carrier is designed for carrying small pups up to 15 lbs whenever you go.


  • Legs-out and tail-out design keep your pooch comfortable and safe
  • Features a hook and loop closure, fabric-covered elastic openings, wider shoulder strap to give you more comfort
  • It is easy to use – simply put the legs through the holes, zip it up, adjust the strap, and insert the buckle
  • Available in 4 sizes and 4 colors – Black, Blue, Red & Pink to choose from

Nicrew’s lightweight legs-out design front dog carrier keeps your furry pal comfortable and cool. The adjustable straps make this backpack carrier the perfect choice for small and medium dogs. With this hands-free carrier, you can now travel with your furry friend safely and comfortably, and enjoy more adventures together.


  • Easy on/off buckles making this hands-free carrier easy to use. Easily put your dog in and out with the side zippers and velcro at the dog’s neck
  • 2 mesh side panels allow maximum ventilation for your pup
  • 2-way of wearing, at the front or at the back whichever suits you better
  • Super light-weight. Weighing around 250 gram making this carrier highly portable
  • The spacious leg openings give maximum comfort for your pooch
  • Fabric covered elastic provides extra flexibility and support
  • the drawstring top and built-in leash ring offer extra protection for your dog
  • Can carry up to 16 lbs dog (XL size)
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty from manufacturer with a new replacement for  defective unit

Sizes: 4 sizes available – small, medium, large and extra large

Color: Black

Pawaboo Adjustable Front Dog Carrier Backpack Travel Bag is what you need for day to day travels with your pooch. You can wear this carrier in 2 ways – on your front side or your back.

The legs-out and tail-out design keep your pup safe and comfortable during your hiking, biking, walking, or catching up with friends. This hands-free dog carrier is lightweight and portable, allowing you to take your beloved pet whenever you go.


  • A minimalistic design that keeps your movement free
  • A versatile design that allows the carrying of the dog in front of the torso or at the back
  • Multiple compartment holes for positioning the limbs, tail, and head
  • Hook and loop zipper for securing your pet fast
  • Great carrier for carrying your pet while biking, jogging, and riding public transport
  • Quick-release buckle so that you can get the dog out even if it fidgets
  • Thickened shoulder pad for shoulder comfort
  • Available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large & 11 colors to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Backpack Carrier

All dogs love to be carried. But know that this isn’t the real question. What you should be asking is whether or not dogs like to be carried in dog backpack carriers. 

The answer to this question depends on the dogs’ upbringing. For example, dogs who spend time with children on swings and other everyday objects that they can ride into won’t have trouble getting used to dog backpack carriers.

On the other hand, dogs that grew without riding anything upon reaching adulthood might get awkward on their first time getting into dog backpack carriers. Nevertheless, don’t worry because training is all that they need.

The answer is both a yes and no. Carrier backpacks that use hypoallergenic material, scratch-free or tear-free material, have solid construction and come with an internal harness plus durable shoulder straps are 10o% safe.

Looking the opposite way, dog carrier backpacks that don’t follow these standards might endanger the life of your pet.

Using a dog backpack carrier  for moving puppy might do more harm than good. Therefore, only put puppies on backpack pet carriers if you have to move quickly, want to avoid getting them stolen while traveling, or when they’re fatigued.

Putting puppies on dog backpack carriers all the time will make them lazy walkers.

On the other hand, backpack carriers are great for traveling with elderly dogs. Old dogs don’t have the stamina to walk far. A dog carrier will help you move them without any hassle if they become very fatigued.

They’re safe but they may pose some risk at the same time. For example, the legholes on a leg out dog carrier may irritate the skin between the dog’s thigh and stomach.

And in case you’re riding a bike, the dog feet might be injured if you crash badly.

That depends on the nature of your travel. For example, you don’t need a crate if you’re only traveling within the state. On the flip side, you might have to buy a crate for international travel.

Most airlines prohibit their passengers from boarding the plane with their dogs using dog backpack carriers. Nevertheless, know that owners of small dogs can board the plane with their pets on a backpack carrier.


Remember that traveling with a pet can result in situations that might potentially cause a disturbance not only for you but for others as well. Therefore, it’s important to have a carrier that will serve as a private space for your furry friend.

Dog backpack carriers aren’t only useful for moving your pooch from one place to another gracefully. They’re also useful for secluding your pet when it’s feeling anxious in public. Always think of straps, size, material, and features while buying dog carrier. What we recommended here are backpack and front dog carriers that are of high quality, proven and tested by other users.

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