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Best Dog Beds

Dog Beds
Dogs sleep more than 10 hours a day, depending on age.  As such, they need a comfortable and the right dog bed for them to sleep and rest well.   Other than that, a good dog bed can soothes the aching joints of puppies with growing bones. For aging dog, a dog bed will be great for their painful joints.

Types of Dog Beds

As there too many dog beds to be featured on this page, do browse through the specific dog bed as mentioned above on our website for more details.

Sizes of Dog Beds
These include extra large dog beds, large dog beds, medium and small dog beds.

FurHaven™ Minky Plush Luxe Lounger Orthopedic Bed, Ergonomically Designed. Click Here To Read More >>

Majestic Pet Dog Beds


Give your furry companion the rest it needs with Majestic Pet dog bed. You can choose from a wide selection of beds, ranging from bagels bed, rectangle bed, round bed, pillow bed, luxury lounge bed to pamper your pup with ultra comfort and luxurious-style bed that promotes better sleep and helps straighten their spines.

Dual-purpose Dog House and Footstool

Seamlessly integrate your pup’s hideout into your daily life in both style and comfort with this innovative Pet House Ottoman and Footstool! Inside the easy-care canvas walls there is a private space and a soft fleece-covered base (removable and washable) for your pet’s comfort. 

This house’s padded top provides extra insulating comfort by trapping your pet’s natural body heat to create a cozy haven for your dog. Not just for your pet – this is a great spot to rest your feet and is sturdy enough to support 130 lbs of static weight! 

Available in three solid colors or two striped options to blend with a variety of home decors, these innovative cubbies are the perfect hideaway for your pets.

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