Best Dog Treats & Dental Chews Reviews

Best Dog Training Treats & Dental Chews

Dog treats are a great addition to a normal and healthy diet. When you are giving your lovely dog treats or chews, it can be a special  bonding time and an expression of your love. In other cases, you can also use them as a ‘motivator’ for the training and positive reinforcement of certain behaviours if necessary. With a well-trained dog, you will enjoy bringing the dog outdoors and your friends will be impressed as your dog listens and obeys to you.

Chews is another alternative you can give to your dog. Dogs love to chew. Chewing is their natural behavior that alleviates boredom and anxiety. Chews like any dog food has to be monitor when you give it to your dog. Avoid giving certain chews if the dog is able to bites off and swallows in large chunks, as he could choke. On the other hand, if your dog has a difficult time digesting a particular type of chew, try something else. When all goes well, you will have found a great chew for your dog.

What are the healthiest treats and chews for dogs? 

When shopping for healthy dog treats, other that focusing on those that taste good and have an awesome smell it is always advisable to look for quality dog treats to bring nutritional value to your dog. Most of the healthy dog treats highlight below have nutrients from ingredients such as chicken, duck, beef, vegetables, and fruits providing protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well.  However, just like treats for humans, treats do have carbohydrates, fats and calories.  Healthy chews which give your dog’s teeth and gums a good workout can helps keep the teeth and gum healthy.

As such, we have included these treats and chews that provide dental care such as the ‘Greenies Dental Dog Treats’ and the ‘Purina Dentalife ActivFresh Dog Chews’ here.  Both because of their unique shape and texture is able to clean off plaque, reduces tartar buildup while also freshening your dog’s breath.

How many treats should a dog have?

It is good to note that dog treats, snacks, or biscuits should be considered as supplementary food for your dog. In order not to cause obesity, you should not feed your dog with too many dog treats and they should not replace a proper meal for your dog.  The recommended rule of thumb is that treats should make up no more than about 10 percent of your dog’s daily calories. Do look at the feeding instructions provided for each dog treats for feeding recommendations. Also, it is good to monitor your dog to ensure the treat is chewed properly before swallowing.

There are a huge range of dog treats while the popular dog treats include peanut butter dog treats, pumpkin dog treats, dog calming treats, sweet potato dog treats, cbd dog treats and others. We have highlighted some of the best dog treats which include Zuke dog treats, Charlee Bear, Greenies dog treats, Old Mother Hubbard, Milkbone dog treats, and others below for your consideration and selection.

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Our Top Picks on Best Dog Treats

If you want good recommendation on the best dog treats for training, and the best dental chews or treats for teeth cleaning, then check out the following:

Ecokind Himalayan Gold Yak Small Dog Chews


  • Small chew size perfect for small petite dogs and puppies
  • Keep your pup happy for hours with these healthy mouth-watering EcoKind Gold Yak cheese chews
  • Help prevent plaque buildup
  • 100% Natural and easily digested
  • No artificial additives or chemical ingredients
  • 100% Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free
  • USDA certified & FDA Approved

Zukes Dog Treats - Lil’ Links® Chicken & Apple Recipe


  • Protein-rich tender meat is the #1 ingredient
  • High quality ingredients and grain free recipe
  • Made with real chicken, duck, pork or rabbit, wholefood fruits and veggies, savory herbs
  • Contains no nitrites, nitrates, or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • Grain-free and gluten-free: no wheat, corn, soy or gluten
  • Made in USA using the Earth’s best ingredients

Old Mother Hubbard Oven-Baked Dog Biscuits


  • Each dog bone shape biscuit is slowly oven-baked to preserve the natural flavors
  • Four delicious flavours including original, chicken, cheddar and char tar flavor
  • All natural ingredients like chicken, cheddar cheese, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, real wheat and real oatmeal with no artificial preservatives
  • Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large
  • Made in USA

Ecokind Pet Treats Braided Bully Sticks


  • Healthy training treats
  • Rich beefy flavor & chewy texture that make all pups go nuts
  • Made with 100% free range grass fed beef & contain no additives
  • Safe snacks for sensitive stomachs since they are FREE of preservatives, hormones and chemicals
  • Odor free bully sticks perfect for all breeds (small, medium-sized and large dogs)
  • USDA certified & FDA Approved

Charlee Bear Original Crunch Dog Treats


  • All natural healthy dog treats with no soy, corn, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Crafted with protein rich chicken, turkey or pork plus antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies
  • Baked to perfection for irresistible crunchiness and taste
  • Less than 3 calories per treat so pamper your pups with frequent rewards
  • Pocket Perfect sized without crumbling, or leaving smells or any stains
  • Made in USA

Ecokind Pig Ears Dog Treat Chews


  • Made with 100% Natural Pig Ears
  • Oven-baked: Slow-cooked to preserve the nutrients and the authentic pork taste and meaty flavor that all  dogs crave & love
  • Free of any hormones or antibiotics
  • No preservatives or unhealthy chemicals or additives
  • Single ingredient and fully digestible chews
  • No artificial colours or flavors
  • USDA certified & FDA Approved

Milkbone Dog Treats


  • From the #1 trusted brand in dog treats, this Milk-Bone Dog Treat is a wholesome, delicious and tasty dog treat for your lovely dog.
  • These tasty treats come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, and flavors. From our classic, crunchy biscuits to tender chews, there’s something for every dog to love and enjoy. In addition, the crunchy texture helps to clean teeth and freshen breath.
  • A health and wellness treat, it is fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog at his or her best. 
  • Made in New York, USA with over 100 years of making the original bone-shaped dog treat.

Nutro CRUNCHY Treats


  • Crunchy texture and natural flavors makes NUTRO Crunchy Dog Treats a wonderful treat for your dog.
  • This dog treat is 100% natural made with non-GMO ingredients. There is no chicken by-product meal, no corn, wheat, or soy protein, no artificial flavors or colors and no artificial preservatives. 
  • These NUTRO Treats for Dogs comes with r real mixed berries, making this a delicious and healthy bite-size snack for your dog.
  • With only 5 calories per treat, NUTRO Crunchy Treats are a great training treat for training and rewarding your happy dog.

Pioneer Woman, Natural Grain Free Dog Treats


  • The Pioneer Woman Natural Grain-Free Meaty adult dog treats offer your dog a nibble of the mealtime flavors that get him asking for more.
  • Only natural ingredients go into each wholesome recipe. Real meat is #1 ingredient with added savory foods, letting the flavors meld together.
  • The dog treat is grain-free, offering high-protein at snack time. 
  • Also these meaty treats are grain-free, and does not have any artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Blue Buffalo Dog Training Treats


  • BLUE Bits dog treats are made with delicious real chicken as the first ingredient making them an excellent reward for your dog’s good behavior.
  • BLUE Bits are tender, bite-sized morsels that are great for training.
  • These dog treats from BLUE BUFFALO has no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals and no wheat, corn, and soy.
  • This high-quality dog  treat is also free from artificial preservatives and colors.
  • A great reward for dogs of all ages, sizes and tastes.

Healthy Dog Treats

The Anxious Pet healthy supplement bars come in different formulas supporting your dog’s well-being, whether relaxing at home or on the go! Each formula comes in a 5 pack of individually wrapped bars, perfect for at home, in the car or on your next adventure!

These peanut butter and banana bars are non-allergenic and safe for dogs with peanut allergies. Handmade and crafted with only the finest ingredients. They are wheat, corn, soy and grain free and do not contain any preservative, artificial colors, or flavors.

Hip & Joint Supplement For Dogs

Hip & Hop (Hip & Joint) Supplement Bars

Hip & Hop supplement bars are perfect for dogs young and old in promoting hip and joint health. These tasty treats aid in the nourishment and lubrication of joints, support cartilage and connective tissue health AND boost the immune system, reducing pain and inflammation, elevating overall health.

Bright Idea (Congitive Support) Supplement Bars

Bright Idea supplement bars are ideal for dogs of all ages, not just for the older ones. Promote cognitive function, support healthy brain function, maintain new cell growth, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, increase energy, and improve overall quality of life.

These tasty Beef Jerky Esophagus Straps offer a natural source of chondroitin to help promote healthy cartilage and support your dog’s joint health. These high-protein healthy delicious dog bites are made with 100% human-grade ingredients without using any preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, fillers, or hormones whatsoever.

  • 100% All-natural beef esophagus
  • Single-ingredient dog treat
  • Made from 100% real, free-range, grass-fed beef
  • Baked to lock in the beefy flavor that dogs can’t resist and keep them happily chewing for hours.
  • Safe for dogs of all ages and sizes, from tiny pups to giant large breeds.


These high-protein healthy delicious dog bites are easy to break apart and are made with 100% human-grade ingredients without using any fillers, additives, or preservatives. 

  • Made with 100% human-grade ingredients in a USDA kitchen, following the same safety standards used to make human food.
  • Grain-Free
  • No Fillers
  • Allergy Relief


Organic chicken, organic apples, organic vegetables glycerin, organic pumpkin, organic vinegar powder, organic rosemary extract

These healthy nutritious and tasty treats are 100% natural without using any fillers, additives, or preservatives. They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids for promoting healthy skin and coat.  

Made from only the purest ingredients from Iceland, manufactured within USDA, FDA, EU, and MAST standards and regulations, to ensure the purity and freshness. They are perfect treats for doggies with protein sensitivities!

Gentle on sensitive tummies and full of Omega-3 and 6 to help keep coats shiny and skin healthy.
Icelandic+ 100% natural and edible Icelandic Fish Treats for Dogs are single ingredient and contain no additives, preservatives or supplements.

Chicken Jerky & Beef Jerky Dog Treats Crafted By Dog Parents Just Like You

Crunchy “Chip Style” Liver Dog Treats

4 Yummy Flavors To Choose From:
Beef Liver, Pork Liver, Lamb Liver or Turkey Liver

Only 1 Ingredient: 100% Real Meat
No Filler
Lab Safety Tested
No Preservatives
Made In the USA

Hand Picked & Hand Sorted For The Best Quality Dog Treats

100% All Natural Guaranteed
FDA Approved
USDA Certified
No Preservatives
No Chemicals
Single ingredient, Protein Packed

Dog Dental Treats

Maintaining good oral health is critical to your dog’s overall well-being. Merrick Fresh Kisses Double-Brush Coconut Oil Dental Dog Treats clean teeth and freshen breath without having to get out the toothpaste and toothbrush. It’s an easy solution to what can be a problem.

Take advantage of your pet’s natural urge to chew. All-natural ingredients mean there’s nothing that can hurt your dog. These are the only dental treats that are both potato-free and grain-free. 

The double brush design is unique and allows your dog to clean more tooth surface and massage the gums. As this treat is chewed, it removes plaque and tartar. This results in fresh breath and healthy oral hygiene.

These treats contain simple ingredients including coconut oil, turmeric, vegetable glycerin, natural flavor, gelatin, peppermint oil, sunflower oil, rosemary oil, and lemongrass oil.

TRUDOG Dental Chews

Promote Your Pups Oral Health So You Can Say Goodbye To Their Bad Breath!

Dog teeth cleaning & breath treats

*Bad breath is not just stinky, it also dangerous as it is a sign telling you about their pain and discomfort. 

  • Great tasting chew designed to promote daily oral health
  • Contains natural breath freshening parsley & anise seeds
  • Appealing texture to scrape tartar & clean the teeth
  • Patented O.M. complex-oral helps to freshen the breath
  • Natural & hypoallergenic
    Suitable for all ages & breeds
  • Sourced & made in USA

Greenies Dog Dental Treats


  • Delicious, original-flavor dental dog chews that has a delightfully chewy texture that helps to  fight plaque and tartar in your dog.  
  • GREENIES Treats are recommended by veterinarians for home oral care.  Just one GREENIES Original Dental Treat a day is all that is needed for fresh breath, clean teeth and a happy dog.
  •  Made with highly soluble ingredients, these natural dog treats are safe and easy to digest. 
  • Greenies dog treats has  Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients which will promote the overall health of your dog.

Purina Dentalife ActivFresh Dog Dental Chews


  • Dentalife ActivFresh is made with a proprietary active-ingredient blend of honey and all-natural spirulina; and is scientifically tested to attack bad breath.
  • Featuring a tasty chicken flavor, these dental chews  are specially designed for large adult dogs to fight the source of bad breath.
  • Each dog chew has  9 ridges offering a porous, chewy texture that keeps your dog engaged.
  • With no artificial collars or flavors or colors, these dental chews are great for supporting your dog’s oral health.

Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats

These flavorful liver treats are packed with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, iron, potassium, Vitamin b12, Vitamin A, zinc, and choline. These nutrients help your dog live a long, healthy, and vibrant life. And since they are made from 100% beef liver, these tasty treats can also be used to supplement the 10% organ allotment of a complete and balanced diet.

Great for dogs of all ages and sizes, including puppies and seniors. Makes the perfect healthy treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies as they are free from wheat, grain, and gluten.

An all-natural, single-ingredient freeze-dried beef liver treats that is healthy, tasty, and wholesome. At only 3 calories per bite-sized “square”, they are perfect for frequent training rewards or anytime snack.

  • 100% All-natural raw beef liver
  • No fillers, preservative, or other by-products
  • Made from 100% USA raised beef.
  • Available in an 8 oz resealable bag.

These healthy and nutritious dog treats will have your furry pal’s tail wagging for days. Made using free-range chicken that undergoes a freeze-drying process keeping the treats fresh for years, yet preserving its original texture, flavor, and nutritional content.

These tasty raw treats are perfect as snacks, training treats, or simply use them as a food topper.

An all-natural, single-ingredient freeze-dried chicken breasts that are high in protein, rich in vitamins and minerals yet low in calories.  At only 3 calories per treat, they are great for picky eaters, ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and those that are combating food allergies.

  • Single-ingredient fresh raw chicken breast
  • Low calories
  • 100% free-range chicken breasts that are free from hormones and antibiotics
  • Free from fillers, additives, preservative, or other by-products
  • Made from 100% organic, human-grade ingredients
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and corn-free

Supports Dog's Healthy Muscles, Shiny Coat, Overall Health & Well-Being

These crunchy beef treats are made using USDA certified beef, whole beef organs, and meaty beef bones, fortified with amino and omega rich beef blood and fat. Freeze-dried raw to keep all the good stuff intact for your pups

  • Helps to reduce allergies, itchy skin, and shedding
  • Helps to boost vitality and energy, and promote a softer shiner coat
  • Does not contain any filler, preservative, grain or colouring
  • Appropriate for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes
  • Made in the USA


As long as you don’t overfeed our dog with treats, you can always express your appreciation and love for your dog with a dog treat or snack. They are a part of our family and deserve them. 

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