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Normally, your dog’s eyes should be clear and bright without discharge.  Irritation, infection, allergies, injuries, tear production disorders, and tutors can all cause the eye to tear, water, or drip. A clear discharge may mean a mild irritant (dust or pollen in the eye) or a hair rubbing against the sensitive cornea. Any discolored or thick discharge such as pus is abnormal. 

Dogs eye drops are often used to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and safe from damage. It is advisable as part of ensuring your dog is at his best of health to checking its eyes regularly.  You can do this by using a damp cotton wool to clean the eyes and check if their eyes are clear and bright without unexpected discharge, swelling or inflammation.

Signs and Symptoms In Your Dog’s Eyes
Eye drops for dogs has formulations which includes antioxidants and nutrients and specific ingredients which can help to treat the following conditions:

1. Dry eyes which can be due to aging or it could be some dogs are born with only one tear duct as such the eyes are often dry.  The dry eyes can collect debris that could not be  removed of through normal tear action.  Hence, lubricating eye drops for dogs or artificial tears eye lubricant for dogs will be a great help here as it can clean the eyes using false tears.

2. Watery eyes which are often itchy due to foreign irritants such as pollen and dust getting into the eyes.  By washing the eyes clean and applying eye drops with added antihistamine, it will really help to reduce the severity of this condition.

3. Cataracts that are due to the formation of damaged proteins in the dog’s eye and with this the eye lens gradually becomes opaque. The degree of vision impairment is determined by the size and location of the contract, and vision loss ranges from partial to complete. Contracts can be classified by several factors, such as the age of onset, the cause, the location, and the degree of opacity. Instead of invasive cataract surgery, specific cataract eye drops for dogs can be used to treat new and mild cataract conditions. These dog cataracts eye drops have specially formulated ingredients that can dissolve these unwanted proteins that cause cataracts. 

Typically, dogs with new or developing cataracts will see the most improvement within the first 6 weeks when the appropriate dog eye drops are administered. The age of the cataracts affects the degree to which the proteins aggregations from the cataracts are reversible. Cataracts that are very large, opaque and old will see improvement are a slower rate compared to new formed cataracts.

4. Ocular degeneration and decreased vision clarity due to age, ultraviolet light exposure, poor nutrition, and other causes. The dog’s eye drops antioxidants and nutrients ingredients can help to improve ocular health and clarity.

5. Conjunctivitis which is an inflammation of the eye’s membranes. Commonly called pinkeye, it’s the most common cause of eye discharge. It may involves swelling, redness, and discharge around the eyes. During infection, the mucus, yellow-green pus or discharge are signs of conjunctivitis. In dogs, it’s commonly caused by allergies. Allergic conjunctivitis  can be treated with cortisone eye drops.

dog eye drops for cataracts
Cataract Eye Drops For Dog

Giving Eye Drops Medications
Gently pull down the skin below the inside corner of the lower eyelid. You will see a small cup form in the corner. Squeeze a small drop of liquid right in the cup and release the lid. The medication will spread over the entire eye when your dog blinks.

Keeping your dog’s eye in good condition is important for the overall health of your dog. Monitor and improve your dog’s eye health by using some of the best dog eye drops we have chosen below. 

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Our Top Picks: The Best Eye Drops for Dogs

If you want good recommendation on over the counter eye drops for dogs do check out the following:

Sentrx Ocunovis Gel
Dog Dry Eye Drops


  • Sheer, soothing gel eye drops that spread a clear, thin film across the eye with no blurring
  • Specifically made for the ocular surface of your doggie eyes
  • Proven to dramatically improve the symptoms associated with dry eye
  • Provide advanced hydration to give your pup long-term comfort with fewer applications needed
  • Made with patented hyaluronic acid designed to last longer
  • 100% naturally ocurring ingredients with no preservatives that can cause stinging or pain
  • Made in the USA.

Lubricating Dog Cataracts Eye Drops


  • Specially formulated lubricating eye drops with antioxidants and nutrients for ocular health and clarity
  • Treats ocular degeneration, decreased clarity, and cataracts
  • Designed to target the reactions that lead to the formation of damaged protein and provide the nutrients needed to repair the altered amino residuals and oxidation to allow the proteins to return to their healthy state
  • Contain multiple antioxidants to keep your dog eyes healthy and strong
  • Unique patented formula to provide the nutrients needed to repair, and protect the eye
  • Made in USA

Lumen Pro
Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs


  • Recommended for dogs with mild to moderate, new developing cataracts
  • Formulated with cataract-fighting power of lanosterol and antioxidant support of N-acetylcarnosine, a combination proven to dissolve glycoproteins that cause cataracts
  • Promote vision clarity in dogs with cataracts
  • An effective cataract reversing dog eye drops
  • Phosphate-free, BPA-free
  • Made in USA

I-Drop Vet Plus
Lubricating Eye Drops for Dogs


  • An effective lubricating solution that brings immediate comfort and long-lasting hydration relief with every blink to dogs suffering from seasonal or acute dry eyes
  • It continually refreshes and stabilizes the tear film providing ultra comfort with fewer applications required
  • Formulated by I-MED Animal Health, a world leader in ocular surface disorder management

Dr. Goodpet
Pet Eye Drops


  • A soothing liquid blend of vitamin C and zinc, a natural way to protect and heal the eyes of your dogs
  • Soothe and protect your dog’s eyes from infection and irritation
  • Can be also be used to prevent eye irritation
  • Helps with staining and other eye problems
  • Easy to administer

Dog Eye Infection Drops (Conjunctivitis, Pink Eye)


  • This gentle, non-irritating herbal formula with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory activities for watery eyes, itchy eyes, and conjunctivitis (pink eye) helps to manage painful swelling and soothes uncomfortable itching
  • Control excessive eye discharge
  • Also help restore your dog eyes back to a healthy state


  • Cliny Universal Pet Eye Cleaner for Dogs & Cats – Natural Gentle Eye Infection Treatment
  • Eliminates clogging, and relieves puffiness and irritation around eyelids for your dog.
  • Natural ingredients to disinfect eyes and reduces inflammation of eyelids. Contains taurine, which activates the process of eye restoration.
  • Has silver ions which have a preventative effect.
  • Developed by veterinarians for gentle cleaning of your dog’s eyes helping to take good care of them.
  • Apply twice a week for healthy eyes and care.


  • CIDBEST Pet Eye Drops for Pet Eye Care, Relieve Pet Eye Fatigue, Pain-Free Solution for Allergies, Pink Eye, Burning, Itching & Daily Maintenance
  • Natural Plant Ingredients with no chemicals. Won’t harm the eyes of your dog.
  • Can gently cleans to remove dirt that can accumulate around the eyes.
  • Daily care by using this to regularly clean, reduce, or eliminate eye  stains on your dog. Also help prevent future build-up and new eye stains from recurring. 
  • Simple to Use. Flush affected eyes with dog eye drops for pink eye 1-2 times per day until the condition is no longer visible. 


From above, you will see that dog’s eye drops are a necessity for good eyesight and ocular clarity for your dog. Using these products regularly can help improve the quality of your dog’s eyesight, address cataract conditions, and other eye conditions.

Specialty eye drops can target issues like cataracts, severe infections, and ocular degeneration. However, there are no one-size-fits-all eye drops. They range from saline eye drops to ointments. Saline eye drops are a great irrigation solution for common allergies or irritation from dirt, smoke, or dust. They can help flush out particles and moisturize the eyes. 

Common eye problems in dogs include tear stains, eye infection, irritation, discharge, and dry eye. Examine your dog’s eyes regularly. Their eyeballs should be bright and clear, the base third eyelid should be retracted and pupils should be equal and reactive.

If you notice discharge, this can be a sign of an allergy, or eye infection or even glaucoma. If the discharge is yellow-green or pus-like, it could be a sign of a more serious eye infection such as conjunctivitis. When you are unsure or if something looks awry, it is best that you contact your veterinarian immediately.

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