Best Dog Carrier For Bike

No other time is more perfect to riding the bicycle than late spring and summer. At these times, the breeze is filled with warmth.

Riding the bicycle is perhaps the best way to discover the sceneries that summer has to offer. Just like you, your dog also wants to see the joyous scenes of summer. After all, getting stuck in the winter is something that made your pooch bored and stressed.

So to give it a simple reward, take your pup out on a biking trip. Dogs love to speed on the road and feel the wind on their face while riding. And as it turns out, one of the safest rides for dogs is the bike.

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Dog Carrier For Bike: A Handy Add-On For Your Bicycle

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For riding the bike with your dog, what you need are dog carrier for bike. Bike carrier for dog looks like bag or basket for bike that follow a rectangular construction. They’re made of solid materials such as rattan wicker or plastic. Some are also made from leather, oxford fabric, nylon, and polyethylene fabric.

Are all dog bike carriers the same? They’re not. Dog bicycle carrier can be classified into three types – front bike basket carrier, rear bike dog carrier, and hybrid dog bike carriers.

Front dog bike carriers place themselves on the front. You can attach them to the bike’s handlebar, front rack, or top tube (of the frame).

On the other hand, rear bike dog carriers are bike baskets or bags that you install at the back of the bicycle. The bicycle must have a rear rack for it to work properly.

Lastly, hybrid dog bike carriers are dog bicycle carriers  that also work as dog backpack carriers, or car carriers, or both.

Speaking of backpack carriers, you might want to read our review on the best backpack carriers for dogs.

We don’t classify bike carrier for dog as removable or non-removable. It’s all attachments to a bicycle that you can uninstall when not in use.

Benefits of Dog Bike Carrier

When riding a bike with your dog you need a dog bike carrier because:

  • it holds the dog securely in place as the bicycle moves
  • it prevents the dog from jumping out of the bike
  • it can be used as a bike basket
  • it helps you maintain balance even if the dog fidgets while you’re biking
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12 Best Dog Carrier for Bike

What To Consider For When Buying Bike Basket For Dog?

Just like any other dog carriers, your primary concerns are size, material, and ease of use. Nevertheless, you might also want to think about how big the dog bike carrier is in relation to the size of the bicycle. For example, you don’t want to get a bike carrier for a dog that’s larger than the front or rear rack. It’s because installing might spell trouble for you later on.

Also, think about the method of attaching the dog bike carrier. The most secured ones are those that use bolts (tiny ones and made of light alloy, at least 4) and adjustable clips (at least 2 or 3). On the other hand, straps and latches (at least 2) aren’t very secure. However, you might love them because they allow for easy installation and removal.

You should also look at the depth of the dog bike carrier. By saying depth, I mean to say how high the edges of the dog bike carrier are for the pooch. As much as possible, get ones with high or large sidings so that your dog can’t easily jump over.

Waterproof construction is a plus. I’m not very particular about this though. After all, who goes biking during rainy days right? But taking the sudden souring of the weather in mind, a waterproof bike dog carrier ensures that your dog stays dry.

What To Avoid - The Red Flags of Dog Bike Carrier

Don’t buy a dog bike carrier that shows you these red flags:

  • a very thin construction (has shape that collapses easily)
  • wobbly when installed
  • makes steering hard (for front bike dog carriers)
  • don’t have features that allow for easy attachment such as bolts, clips, straps, or latch
  • very short sidings
  • increase drag (too wide for your bike)

Things That You Should Avoid Doing to Bike Dog Carrier

Firstly, you should avoid hanging the carrier on the handlebar. Hanging on the handlebar might make get in the way of steering. Furthermore, hanging will make the dog dizzy as the carrier will sway every time you do a sharp turn or poorly maintained byroads.

Though some bike carriers allow hanging, never install them using such a method. Use clips, latches, straps, or bolts all the time when attaching. Installation using these is sway free and wobble-free and won’t cause discomforts for your pet.

If you’re riding an e-bike, don’t install the dog bike basket carrier on the frame’s top tube. This only applies to front dog bike carriers though. In e-bikes, the top tube is a very sensitive part that might electrocute the dog. It’s here part where the manufacturers usually place the battery.

In connection, we recommend that you don’t buy a rear dog carrier for an e-bike. Your dog might have trouble riding on the rear due to the noise of the electric motor that’s near the drivetrain.

Best Dog Bike Basket

We have evaluated dozens of top-rated dog carrier for bicycle in the market to identify the best dog bike carriers. We curated the products on this list according to special features relating to size, weight limit, innovative design, material, etc. 

This dog basket carrier is perfect for Japanese style bikes. The rattan wicker construction is very compact and provides an oriental look. Manufacturers provided soft cotton bedding by default. The sheepskin bedding provides a very comfy spot where the dog won’t hesitate to get into. The sheepskin is removable and washable for taking care of your pet’s hygiene.

Petsafe is perfect for biking with your pet during hot days. The wicker material is very breathable but sturdy at the same time. Also, there’s an attachable canopy for keeping the sun’s rays away from your pet.

Measuring at 16.5 inches (length) and 10 inches (width), this bike carrier is perfect for large and small dog breeds weighing not more than 13 pounds.

Installation is done through brackets that attach securely to the center portion of the bike’s handlebar. Furthermore, the brackets are adjustable for ensuring that the brake cables aren’t snagged or squeezed during installation. Installation and removal can be done with one hand. There’s no wobbling or swaying because the brackets provide a tight fit.


  • Breathable but compact rattan wicker construction for a classy look
  • Replaceable and washable
  • Soft sheepskin bedding
  • Attachable canopy for shading the pet
  • Bracket installation
  • Attachment and removal on the bike
  • Interior safety leash so that the dog can’t jump out
  • Can carry dog with weight up to 13-pound 

This bike basket is what you need for small dogs. The sidings of Snoozer are short. Thus, small dogs can stand up and rest their head on the chin wrist that manufacturers placed on the sidings. The opening is very wide so putting dogs inside won’t be a hassle.

The front panel comes with two pockets. Both open and close through a zipper. The smaller one, at the top, can contain a single water bottle. On the other hand, the bigger one can store a phone, charger, and similar objects.

The interior is wide so two small dogs can fit inside. Max weight limit for this product is 14 pounds.

There’s no sunshade. However, manufacturers countered this weakness by putting a rain cover in one of the side pockets. The rain cover fits the opening perfectly and doesn’t get blown away by the wind while you’re riding the bike.

Straps attach this product to the handlebar. For a more secure fit, you might want to buy braces. You can also use plastic ties.


  • 4 pockets for carrying a lot of additional objects
  • Rain cover for keeping pet dry
  • Easy to clean micro-wipe fabric construction
  • Chinrest for keeping pet calm while riding the bike
  • Inner leash clip to prevent the dog from writhing

You can now travel with your furry friend wherever you like with PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Bicycle Basket. It comes with a removable sun shield that helps protect your pooch from the sunshine.

Simply attach the nylon carrier to the handlebars of your bicycle, and attach your pup’s harness to the included safety tether for your dog’s extra safety. This dog bike basket is perfect for small breed dogs as it can support dogs up to 13 pounds. 


  • Features a shoulder strap for you to convert the bike basket into a convenient dog carrier when you are off the bike
  • Comes with 3 pockets for storing dog treats, leash, waste bags and your other essentials like a mobile phone and wallet
  • Include a safety tether for extra security while you ride 
  • Features a removable sun shield to keep your furry one protected from the bright sunshine

This product is perfect for mountain bikes and other bikes that have a high set-up. Comprising this product construction are a metal frame and oxford fabric. Both provide this product with an expansive, lightweight, yet solid build.

There’s no bedding but I’m fine with that. The oxford fabric is already soft and comfortable by itself. On the other hand, the metal frame ensures that the rectangular shape of Anzome doesn’t collapse due to drag.

ANZOME caters to your preferences too. Aside from the solid black design, this dog bike basket comes in the following colors – patterned pink, patterned brown, and patterned gray.

This product attaches to the bike’s handle through a quick release adapter. All you have to do to install is hook the adapter on the handlebar and secure it. Removal is very easy too. Just press the quick release lock and the adapter will loosen after a short-click.

Aside from a dog carrier, you can use this product as a normal bike basket. The interior is cavernous and wide. In effect, you can put veggies, snacks, and other stuff from the grocery inside.


  • Uses a metal frame and waterproof oxford fabric for durability
  • Comes with carrying handle for versatile use
  • Foldable construction for easy storage
  • Can be added with beddings
  • Multiple interior harnesses for keeping the dog in place

This product is a dog carrier for bikes with handlebars that’s 14 inches away from the headtube.

Barkbay’s is a hybrid dog carrier. You can tell that this is the case at first glance. On the exterior, this product has the shape of a dog bike basket. However, the design resembles dog backpack carriers very much. For example, there’s a side pocket for carrying small objects, a mesh-lined opening for pet comfort, drawstring for making the opening wide or narrow.

The front panel (the front surface of this product) is waterproof and windproof. Thus, Barkbay serves as a great dog bike carrier during wet seasons.

During hot days, you can opt to roll the front panel upwards to reveal an airy mesh cover that exposes your dog’s body to the wind.

This product attaches itself via quick-release buckles that hold both ends of the handlebar. The quick-release buckles loosen and lock with a quick click without lots of securing or adjusting.


  • Shoulder straps on the backside for using as a backpack carrier
  • Non-collapsible construction for using as a car carrier
  • Quick-release buckles for easy removal and installation as a bike carrier
  • Foldable front panels for keeping your pup warm or cool
  • Elastic mesh side pockets for carrying tiny objects
    soft feel padding so that pet can sit comfortably
  • Inner leash for keeping pet secure in bumpy roads
  • Drawstring for making the opening wide or narrow

K & H Pet Products’ Travel Bike Basket is a great solution to fun and easy bike travel with your furry companion. This classy gray basket comes with an easy-to-use bicycle mount so you can mount it to the front of your bike quickly and securely.

With its unique dual leash design, your pup will be safely kept inside the basket and you do not need to worry about your active pup jumping out from the basket during your ride.

Features 2 handy pockets – one mesh pocket and another zipper pocket, for storing your water bottle and your pup’s accessories while on the ride.


  • Perfect for small and medium-breed dogs
  • It can be easily mounted securely to the front of your bike
  • Dual-leash to keep your pup safely inside the basket
  • The inner cover can be easily removed for washing
  • Comes with a zipper pocket and a mesh pocket for storing essentials
  • Available in 2 sizes – Small size can support small dogs up to 10 lbs, Large Size can support dogs up to 20 lbs.

We recommend this product if you can’t install a front rack on your bike. Petsfit has a very solid bottom. This means that you don’t need a rack to support this product’s shape when the dog is inside. I also love the interior being so spacious while the exterior stays very compact.

The gray motif provides this product with a very trendy look. Meanwhile, the green padding on the front panel serves as a reflector and makes riding safer.

The opening comes with a drawstring. This makes it easier for you to put the dog inside or take it out. A mesh lining is on the opening’s neck. This keeps your dog more ventilated while your cruising on the bike with it.

PetsFit padding is very versatile. Both of its sides serve different purposes. The topside is a plush textile that’s useful for keeping the dog warm during winter. Flip the padding and you’ll see it’s nylon lined surface that’s handy dandy for summer.


  • Interior safety leash to stop the dog from squirming
  • Padding/mattress
    solid bottom construction
    mesh lining on the opening’s neck for keeping the dog well ventilated
  • Drawstring so that you can put the dog inside or take it out with ease
  • Can be used as a shoulder carrier bag

This one is great for small and big bikes for females. It has a very slim and minimalistic construction that makes installation very easy. This one installs on the bike rack through straps. Therefore, be sure to tie them tightly to prevent the dog from wobbling or swaying while inside.

Snoozer goes well with all types of bikes. Nevertheless, I think that it works best for folding bikes. It’s because it doesn’t get in the way of tucking the frame of the folding bike.

Finally, there’s a red reflective strip on this dog bike carrier. Thus, it won’t reduce visibility even if it covers the bike’s rear light after installation.


  • Strap attachment function – no tools needed for installation
  • Red reflective strip for visibility
  • Slim and minimalistic construction for easy use and installation
  • Very soft fabric material
  • Removable and washable sunshade/rain cover

You need to get this product if you’re tired of wobbly bike carriers. Travelin K9 Pilot Max uses a wide and well-designed bracket for installation. The bracket secures on the center of the handlebar through a clamp that tightens with bolts. Since it uses bolts, you might need simple tools for installing this product.

This is a wide dog basket carrier that’s perfect for small to medium dogs. The sidings have a length of 9.5”. Therefore, tall dogs can’t jump over. Travelin’s width is 16”. Thus, your dog won’t feel cramped while sitting on the interior.

To add, Travelin K9 is great for bikes with small wheels. It only needs an 11” clearance that spans from the wheels to the handlebar.

Lastly, this product uses a durable fabric construction. Thus, you can use it as a permanent bike basket for carrying consumer goods aside from dogs.


  • Mesh installed front panel for keeping the dog cool
  • Quick-release interior buckles for securing the dog with ease
  • Metal frame on the opening for non-collapsible shape
  • Sway-free and wobble-free bracket for safe riding

ANZOME removable dog bike basket is lightweight and easy to use. Installing this product is a breeze. Furthermore, it’s not too wide and won’t get in the way of steering the bicycle.

The white reflective strips of this product are very useful for riding safely. They stand out very well in the dark because the manufacturers used a black fabric material that you can clean through rinsing.

You install this product on the bike through a plastic clamp bracket. This clamp bracket works similarly to the bracket of Travelin K9.


  • Attaches on the bike via a quick-release bracket handlebar mount
  • White reflective strips that are contrasted by a black waterproof and easy to clean fabric
  • Removable aluminum frame
  • Removable interior basket ( the interior compartment can be separated with the fabric)
  • Can be also be used as a shoulder carrier bag

The interior of elabark is very wide and its sidings are high. Furthermore, it’s has a fleece lining to maximize the comfort that your pet feels.

On the outside, this product looks very robust. Thus, it’s perfect for bikes with large wheels and long handlebar stem. elabark attaches to the bicycle through O-ring touch fasteners. This makes it possible for you to install this with a push of the thumb.

Last but not the least, there’s a mini-headlight on the center of this product’s front panel. It’s not very bright. Nevertheless, it makes you and your pet more visible while traversing the roads, on the bike, at night.


  • Can be used as shoulder carrier, backpack carrier, and car carrier
  • O-ring touch fasters for easy installation and removal
  • Hidden front mesh window for keeping the dog cool
  • Foldable front panel for covering the mesh window
  • Mesh side pockets for bringing bottles, snacks, and devices
  • Rope cord for opening and closing the entryway
  • Adjustable collar clip for keeping the dog still

Barkbay Dog bike carrier has an eye-catching design. The details on its exterior make it look like a small backpack for grade-schoolers. While on the bike, this one looks like a normal backpack from afar. Thus, aside from a dog bike carrier, it serves well as an ornamental carrier for your bicycle.

Due to its small construction, this one is perfect for bikes that don’t have a lot of allowance between the wheels and the handlebar. Specifically, Barkbay doesn’t dangle but stays firmly at the center of the handlebar after getting installed.

Barkbay is a great bike for small puppies. The durable oxford fabric doesn’t collapse easily and will do well in protecting your pet if the bike crashes.


  • Can be used as backpack dog carrier
  • Mesh side pockets that can contain dog toys
  • Can be used as a mini-hiking carrier or dog backpack carrier
  • Quick-release handlebar mount that doesn’t loosen easily
  • Durable and firm oxford fabric that’s waterproof for dog protection
  • Can be cleaned through rinsing
  • Wide mesh windows for preventing overheating
  • Foldable front panel for keeping the winds away from the pet

Dog Bike Basket Carrier FAQ

The answer is yes. All dog bike carriers have designs that fit the bikes with small or large wheels, and bikes with short or long handlebar stem.

Measuring the handlebar is important because it determines whether or not the dog bike carrier will rub on the bike’s wheels. Rubbing on the bike’s wheels happens when a dog bike carrier is too large or too lengthy compared to the handlebar stem.

You don’t have to panic. All that you need to do is tighten the bolts on the brackets. If the brackets became loose, then getting new ones will solve the problem.

If your dog bike carrier is using straps for installation, swaying is due to looseness. You can try to tighten the straps again and see if the problem is solved. In case swaying remains, get additional straps to secure the dog bike carrier well.

Most of the dog bike baskets had to be washed by hand. Lots of disastrous consequences might happen if you wash them through a washing machine. Examples are damaged mesh windows or pockets, loosening of the interior buckles, scratching of the fabric material, etc.

Conclusion on bike basket for dog

Dog carrier for bike is what you need for riding the bike with small and medium dog. It ensures that the dog sits comfortably while the bicycle zooms on the road. The dog bicycle carriers mentioned here can be installed on any bicycle. Even so, remember to make sure that there’s adequate allowance between the wheels and the handlebars so that the bike dog carriers don’t rub on the wheels.

To be safe buy small bike carriers for bikes with short handlebar stems/posts. On the other hand, large bike carriers work fine for bikes with long handlebar posts. What we recommended here are bicycle carriers for dogs that are of high quality, proven and tested by other users.

This trailer features a durable, steel construction and attaches to the back of your bike so your furry friend can join you on a fun bike ride!

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