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Vitamins and Mineral Supplements For Dogs

Do dogs needs vitamins supplements?
Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that your dog’s body needs.  These are derived from a number of foods and some of the best sources include organ meats, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and others. But, it is challenging to ensure that our dog are getting all the necessary vitamins daily from home-made food or commercial dog food. With dog food taken in with varying nutrients composition, there is merit in adding to your dog’s diet a multivitamin and mineral supplement to ensure that your furry pals are getting their essential vitamins and minerals.

As dog parents we all want our furry companions to live  long, happy and healthy lives. Feeding your canine with good quality dog vitamin supplements are considered by both dog parents and veterinarians as essential. With good health, your dog is less susceptible to sickness and can live longer.

Benefits of vitamins and mineral supplements
Vitamins are divided into two types: water soluble and fat soluble. Water soluble means they dissolve readily in water. These include the B vitamins and Vitamin C. On the other hand, Fat Soluble vitamins do not dissolve easily in water, and as such are stored in the liver and various fatty tissues. These include Vitamins: A, D, E, K.

The usefulness and benefits of these different vitamins and minerals for your dog’s health is as below:

  • Brain and Cognitive Function –  Vitamin B helps in assists support nervous and brain function.
  • Skin and Coat Care – Vitamin E to help your dog to relieve dry, flaky skin and support healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Immune System – Vitamin A keeps the eyes and skin healthy and helps maintain resistance to infections. Vitamin C is important for growth and repair of body tissues and it also supports immune health. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells against damaging ‘free radicals’.  All these works to bolster the immune system.
  • Digestive Health– contains digestive enzymes and probiotics to promote good digestion and stomach comfort. It also help to reduce gas, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating conditions.
  • Hip and Joint Support – Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate with MSM for joint health and reducing any joint inflammation, joint pain and joint stiffness.  This will enhance your dog has mobility so as to stay active.

Especially for senior dogs, glucosamine and chondroitin are usually added in the formulation for joint health. For puppies, they need their specially formulated essential vitamins to support their full rapid growth to adulthood.

We have selected some of the best dog vitamins below for your consideration and selection. As senior dogs and puppies have slightly different vitamins needs, we have also provided these recommendations here. All these supplements will do well to support the skin, coat, joints, heart, digestive function, and immune response for your dog.   These includes high quality and popular brands like – Zesty Paws Multivitamins for Dogs, PetHonesty 1o-For-1 Multivitamins, NuturVet All-in-One supplement and others.

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Our Top Picks: Best Dog Vitamins

If you want good recommendation on dog vitamins, check out the following:

Zesty Paws Multivitamin Bites 5-in-1


  • Chewable treats with over 35 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support your dog’s skin, coat, joints, heart, digestive function, and immune system
  • Anti itch formula contains Cod Liver Fish Oil and Vitamin E to help skin and coats
  • Contains Glucosamine HCL,  Chondroitin Sulfate and MSM to boost mobility and hip and joint health
  • Contain Digestive Enzymes, Niacin, and 500 million CFU Probiotics per chew to promote healthy digestion and reduce gas, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.
  • Promote healthy heart health & immune system
  • 90 soft chews
  • Made in USA

PetHonesty 10-For-1 Multivitamin


  • A well-rounded blend of the most essential vitamins and supplements including glucosamine, probiotics, vitamins and omegas, for dogs’ overall daily health.
  • Contains high amounts of glucosamine and other joint support ingredients to promote healthy hips, joints and ligaments to increase mobility and flexibility, as well as reduce joint inflammation
  • Each soft chew contains 1 BILLION CFU probiotics and pumpkin to improve your dog’s digestive system & decrease diarrhea, vomiting and stomach issues.
  • Heal dry, itchy and flaky skin
  • Improve coat strength, shine and overall health.
  • 90 soft chews
  • Made in USA

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NuturVet All-In-One 4-IN-1 Soft Chews Supplement


  • Specially formulated dog vitamin to support your dog’s digestion, skin & coat health while providing vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • Vitamins enhanced with glucosamine and chondroitin for added joint support in dogs
  • All-in-One support for skin & coat, joint support, digestion and overall health
  • For dogs over 12 weeks of age
  • Tasty soft chews that taste like a treat
  • 120 soft chews
  • Wheat Free
  • cGMP Compliant
  • Made in USA

Pet-Tabs Plus Nutritional Supplement


  • High potency vitamins and mineral supplement
  • For dogs below and above 20 lbs
  • Great for skin and coat
  • 60 chewable tablets
  • Made in the USA

Puppy-Vite Vitamins


  • Vitamins formulated with antioxidants & taurine
  • For puppies less than 9 months of age
  • Support healthy skin, hair, muscle and brain
  • 60 chewable.
  • Made in USA

NaturVet VitaPet Senior Vitamins


  • Full spectrum of vitamins and minerals
  • Formulated for senior dogs
  • Added glucosamine for extra joint support
  • 365 chewable Tablets
  • Made in USA

"Human Grade" Supplements Made With The highest Quality & Vet-Approved Ingredients To Make Your Pets Happy & Healthy

Delicious soft chew supplements to keep your dog healthy and full of vitality

  • Improve overall health and longevity
  • Improve mobility and vitality
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Made with the highest quality food grade, non-toxic ingredients
  • 100% All Natural Formula
  • Contains no artificial ingredients, flavors or fillers
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – or your money back!
  • Made in USA

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Canine Sciences
Radiant Canine™ Comprehensive Canine Nutritional Supplement.

Good health begins with good nutrition.

Radiant Canine™ contains a rich blend of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein building blocks, herbs, natural superfoods, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Optimal nutrition is the key to help our beloved dogs live a HAPPY, HEALTHY, LONG lives.


You want to look after your dog’s overall health as each day your dog provides you with fun, affection and companionship.  Therefore, be proactive and ensure your dog has their necessary nutrients with these vitamins and minerals supplements.

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