Should You Use Dog Crates?

A dog crate (dog cage) is an absolute necessity as it serves many purposes. Your dog or puppy would love a soft place to rest and sleep at night.

Think of a crate like your dog’s private bedroom. It is a comfortable place to relax and sleep. A crate placed in a quiet corner of the kitchen or family room will satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to seek a safe and secure environment.

As such, the benefits of a dog cage or crate includes:

  • providing a safe sanctuary for your pooch when needed. By providing a crate, you are confining your dog for a period of time, and in an environment where it’s hard to make mistakes.
  • allowing your puppy or dog to teach itself to be comfortable in its own company, to eat, sleep and to chew on appropriate objects.
  • protecting your dog especially from accidental injuries.
  • crating your pup is a good preparation for the practical reality of all domestic dogs to be left a home alone occasionally.
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Types of Dog Cage (Dog Crate)

Dog crates or cages come in different shapes and sizes and can be made of different materials. They are designed to replicate a natural dog’s den, providing a place of refuge for your dog whether it is resting at home or if it is travelling to a new surrounding.

The common types of crates in the market today are wooden dog crates or furniture crates, plastic dog crates, and wire dog crates.

Furniture & Wooden Dog Crates

Wooden dog crates resemble fine pieces of furniture and are a good choice if you are more fashion conscious or wants to leverage the use of a crate as a piece of your furniture.

Frisco Stylish Wooden Dog Crate
Table Furniture Crate

Plastic Dog Crates

Plastic dog crates provide more privacy for your dogs. They provide more of a “den-like” atmosphere, and some dogs prefer that to the openness of a wire crate. However, some dogs can chew through the plastic, so if you have a chewer, you might want to skip the plastic crate in this case. Plastic dog crates generally do not have a divider or removable floor pan.

Plastic Dog Crate
Petmate Plastic Dog Crate

Wire Dog Crates

Wire dog crates provide a lot of ventilation, good air circulation and are useful in keeping your dogs cool. 

When necessary you can cover the crate with a blanket or cover, for quiet times you need or at night. This will provide your dog with a cozier crate with less outside stimulation.

Small Dog Crate Amazon
MidWest LifeStages Double Door Collapsible Crate

For some dog owners, wire dog crates may be advantageous, as many of them come with a divider that allows you to make the living space smaller or larger.

This way you can get a crate that will be large enough for when your dog grows up, but which you can still divide into a smaller area for housetraining purposes.

Most wire dog crates are easily foldable, making them great for travel. Wire crates mostly come with a removable plastic floor liner, making cleaning easier.

How To Train Dogs To Love Their Crates?

Collapsible Dog Crate - Portable, Foldable Crate by Diggs
  • Place your crate somewhere that’s part of the household activity, not tucked away. This makes your dog feel as he is in part of the family while in his crate.  This also allow your dog to get used to noises and activities in the house without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Make your crate inviting and unthreatening. Put some dog toys in there and keep the crate door open when your dog isn’t in it.  This will make the crate an inviting place and a safe haven for your dog to go in.
  • Train your dog or puppy to love its crate by using dog treats. As such, do not push or force your pup into a crate and expect it to be happy. Your dog will move towards the treats and attempt to get in on its own.  Let your dog into the crate to eat the treat.

Using the above suggestions, your dog will get accustomed to the crate in no time.

What to Consider When Shopping For a Dog Crate?

Factors to take into consideration when buying a crate:

  • Material – dog crates can be made of metal or wire, plastic or wooden materials as mentioned above.
  • Portability – A foldable or collapsible dog crate, as well as lightweight, can be very convenient, practical and portable.  It allows you to carry the fold-up crate to safely visit friends with your dog.
  • Size –  In terms of size, there are various sizes to choose from that is small, medium, large and even XL extra large dog crates. Therefore before purchasing one, you should consider how you will be using the crate and choose the most suitable size for your dog. Do purchase a crate that is big enough to allow an adult dog of your breed to stand up, turn around, and stretch out while lying down. If the dog crate is too big, it defeats the purpose of providing the security of a den. If it is too small, your pup will be cramped and uncomfortable.
Collapsible Dog Crate
Lightweight Guardian Gear® Collapsible Dog Crate
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Petmate dog crate
Petmate Travel Dog Crate
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If you want a recommendation on quality dog crates, do check out our reviews below. We have evaluated dozens of dog cages in the market to bring you the best crate for dogs of all sizes, ranging from puppy crate to large dog crate here for your consideration.

Best Puppy Crate (Small Dog Crate)


  • REVOL Dog Crate is a stylish looking, collapsible dog crate by Diggs
  • It is easy to use, quick to set up and take down, easy to clean up, transport & store. 
  • You can set up your crate in less than a minute with an innovative, one hand raising/collapsing feature.
  • Comes with a removable tray, making clean-up quick and easy.
  • This portable dog crate comes equipped with a carrying handle and wheels, making it travel friendly and easy to store.
  • Great for small spaces, whether it’s your living space, car or RV.
  • With the included ceiling hatch and puppy divider, this dog crate is great for puppies.
  • The garage-style side door helps your pup feels more comfortable because it makes the crate feel more open 
  • Safety-first design using diamond-shaped mesh and a solid, single-piece frame to prevent injury to your pup’s paws and jaws.
  • Made using premium materials that are toxin-free and do not rust. 
  • 2 Sizes to choose from – Small or Medium, and 3 colors to choose from Grey, Ash, Charcoal. 


  • PETMATE Two Door Top Load Dog Crate
  • Easy access and versatility with multiple doors
  • Sturdy Crate ideal for small breed dog housetraining and travel
  • Securely latched stainless steel front door and a top door for easy in-and-out access 
  • Unique top-loading door to easily place and remove the dog from the carrier.
  • Comfortable Pet Transport with a heavy-duty and ergonomic comfort-grip handle
  • Visibility and ventilation enhanced with the grated steel doors and vented sides.
  • Easy to use with the easysqueeze latch to open door conveniently with one hand.
  • Recommended for dogs up to 10 lb.
  • Small Size Dog Crate dimensions is 19 inches x 13 inches x 10 inches.


  • MIDWEST Homes iCrate Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate – an ideal crate for puppy and small dog
  • Designed with only one door so your pup can easily enter and exit with no problem
  • Has a divider panel so you  can expand the length of the living area as your puppy grows
  • Heavy duty slide bolt latch that firmly locks the crate door
  • Easy to set up, and no tools required
  • Folds up and down in seconds making this the perfect dog crate for people on-the-go
  • Highly portable as it comes with a carrying handle and can be folded flat for travel and easy storage 
  • Great for pet owners who travels frequently because you get the lightest weighting crate among all wire crates and the security you can get from a wire crate.
  • Has a durable dog tray and 4 “roller” feet to protect your floor
  • Protected with MidWest Quality 1 Year Warranty
  • Available from xx-small sizes to x-large sizes.
  • Small Size Dog Crate dimension is 24 inches (length) x 18 inches (width) x 19 inches (height).


  • FRISCO Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Small Dog Crate.
  • Two large doors, one on the front and one on the side, are easy to open, close and securely lock with dual latches on larger models.
  • Convenient divider panel allows the crate to expand as your pup grows.
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed.
  • Easy-to-clean, durable plastic pan included.
  • Fold-and-carry construction with adjustable handles makes it great for travelling.
  • Easy Assembly with no tools needed.
  • Durable with protective, black electro-coat finish.
  • Small Crate Dimension: 24” X 18″ X 19.25″


  • This lightweight KindTail Pawd Collapsible Dog Crate is fully collapsible and comes with a built-in handle for hassle-free portability and storage
  • Beautifully designed & available in pink, grey and white so you can choose one that best match the décor of your home. 
  • This plastic dog crate is designed with an open door and has patterned openings on the sides to allow plenty of ventilation, as well as let you keep an eye on your pup.
  • Crate dimension: 21″ x 16.5″ x 16″
  • Best for small breeds with weight up to 15 lbs.

Best Medium Dog Crates


  • MIDWEST Medium Collapsible Dog Crate
  • Two door design offering front & side access, allowing you to use the crate in more locations within your home, as well as in your vehicle for travel. 
  • Easy setting up in seconds with no tools required for assembly.
  • Portable and folds flat for travel or easy storage.
  • Has easy to attach plastic handles which makes it easy to transport.  
  • It has two heavy duty slide-bolt latches (per door) to securely lock dog crate door in place ensuring your dog safety.
  • Design with patented rounded corner clips making it safe for both you and your pup as it reduce sharp points and edges in the crate that can hurt you and your dog
  • Includes a divider panel, a durable dog tray, a carrying handle, ‘roller’ feet to protect floors
  • Comes with a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Measuring 36 Length x 24 Width x 27 Height inches.


  • CASUAL HOME Wooden Lattice Dog Crate
  • End Table Design that is aesthetically pleasing, well made, well priced and very functional, you are getting two things for a price of one.
  • Cozy wooden dog crate is made with solid wood which allows for a nice private spot for your dog to relax and rest on.
  • Serves as an end table for additional storage or a nice furniture for your home
  • End table style top provides an additional table top space for putting your flower vases, books, or other items.
  • Lockable latch which keeps your dog safely inside, 
  • Ample airflow provided by open side slats and mission style door 
  • The wood is made to be pet-safe and is ‘chew-resistant’ for long durability and longevity usage
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Dimensions is 33 inches Length x 21 inches Width x 25 inches Height.


  • PETMATE Two Door Top Load Dog Crate, Medium size
  • Easy access and versatility with multiple doors
  • Sturdy Crate with steel wire and plastic construction
  • Securely latched stainless steel front door and a top door for easy in-and-out access 
  • Unique top-loading door to easily place and remove the dog from the carrier.
  • Ergonomic heavy duty carry handle for safe dog transport.
  • Visibility and ventilation enhanced with the grated steel doors and vented sides.
  • Easy to use with the easysqueeze latch to open door conveniently with one hand.
  • Medium  Size Dimensions – 24 inches (length)  x 17 inches (width) x 15 inches.
  • Recommended for dogs with weight from 15 to 20 lbs.


  • AMAZONBASICS is an Amazon brand.
  • Heavy duty dog crate measures 36-inches and is made of sturdy iron polypropylene material
  • You could use this crate for small to mid-size dog
  • Top opens designed for easy in and out access of supplies and pets.
  • 4 lockable caster wheels for smooth-rolling movement and transport 
  • Collapsible dog crate for compact storage
  • Easy to set up and assemble within a couple of minutes as most of the parts are already put together. 
  • Door latch opens easily & smoothly with a squeeze spring opener that works well and is very secure
  • Highly durable pull-out tray for easy cleaning
  • Backed up by Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.
  • Medium Crate Dimension: 37″ (length) X 25.6″ (width) X 29.5″ (height).

Best Large Dog Crates


  • MIDWEST Ovation Single Door Collapsible dog crate is designed for the comfort, safety, and security of your dog.
  • The unique sliding door design allows you to leave the crate open so your pup is free to come and go as he pleases
  • Comes with a free divider panel and you can adjust the size of the crate as your pup grows
  • Collapsible crate so you can easily fold and carry it when you travel with your dog
  • Portable with carrying handles to move the folded crate easily
  • Made using sturdy metal for durability and long-lasting use
  • Removable and washable plastic pan for easy cleanup. 
  • Includes a heavy-duty slide bolt latch to keep your dog safely inside the crate.
  • Rounded corners for dog protection from injury
  • Easy to set up in seconds with no tools required for assembly
  • This strong dog crate is suitable for large dog breeds up to 90 lbs
  • Crate dimensions measures 43″ length x 29″ width x 31″ height


  • PROSELECT EMPIRE  large dog crate
  • This heavy-duty dog crate is one of the strongest dog crates in the world
  • Designed to safely contain aggressive and strong dogs
  • The ProSelect Empire dog crate is constructed using 20-gauge steel with heavy-duty welds at all stress points and is made of reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes. 
  • This thick steel dog cage has strong dual door latches and heavy-duty welding to make sure your big strong dog stays securely inside. 
  • It has a hammer-tone finish which is tested to last even through the toughest claws and scratches and can withstand plenty of abuse from your dog.
  • The removable slide-out steel tray makes cleaning up easy and fast
  • Includes four removable casters that can be attached to the bottom of the crate for easy rolling of the crate to other locations or you can leave the casters off for added stability
  • Comes in 2 sizes. Medium size holds from 26 to 40 lbs dogs. Large size holds 41 to 70 lbs dog. 


  • FRISCO XX Large Dog Crate
  • Constructed with coated steel, this strong and heavy-duty metal crate provides safe and secure confinement for even the giant-breed dogs that are over 90 lbs.
  • Designed with 2 doors, one large door at the front and the other at the side; each door is easy to open, close, and securely lock with three latches for an extra layer of security
  • Comes with durable drop-pin hinges to help keep your big furry pal safe and secure
  • Is easy to clean as it comes with a removable and durable plastic base pan
  • Easy to set it up & require no tools for the assembly
  • Crate dimensions measures 54″ Length x 36.5″ Width x 44.75″ Height


  • GUARDIAN GEAR large dog crate
  • Collapsible Dog Crate that is stylish, portable, durable, and easy to clean
  • Made from heavy-duty nylon, it is water-resistant and perfect for both outdoor and indoor use
  • It has 4 large mesh windows on all sides for maximum ventilation with side panels that can be rolled open or left closed depending on the weather
  • Include a faux sheepskin mat to provide added comfort for your pup
  • Comes with 2 pockets on each side for added storage
  • The integrated wire framing assembles and breaks down in seconds with no tools required
  • Crate dimensions measures 42″ Length x 29″ Width x 34″ Height

Best Furniture Dog Crates

Wooden dog crates resemble fine pieces of furniture and are a good choice if you are more fashion conscious or wants to leverage the use of a crate as a piece of your furniture.

The Accent Corner Table Dog Crate adds glam to any room, functioning both as a stylish corner table and a leisure space for your pup. With its triangular shape design, it fits perfectly in any corner of room to fully maximize your living space. 

Made of durable wood construction with elegant mesh panels, this vintage design crate makes both you and your pooch feel at home and in style. The door can be fully opened for easy access to your dog and it includes a side stopper to keep the door in place. 

Product Sizes:

  • Small: 38″L x 20.5″W x 21″ H
  • Medium: 49″L x 26″W x 24″ H

Are you tired of bulky pet furniture bringing down the elegant look of your home? Then try the hexagon-shaped design Accent Table Crate to bring a touch of glam to your room. 

With its vintage design, mesh panels, and wooden construction, it functions both as a stylish side table and a leisure space for your furry pal. The door can be fully opened for easy access to your pooch while the included side stopper keeps the door in place. 

Product Sizes:

  • Small: 26″ Diameter  x 21″ H
  • Medium: 34″ Diameter x 24″ H

This stylish dog crate acts like an end table and a cozy place for your pooch to rest indoor. Beautifully integrate into any home decor.

Made using ECOFLEX® an eco-friendly material made from recycled polymers and reclaimed wood. The bars are 100% stainless steel, 100% rust-free. You can easily assemble it within 5 minutes or less.

Color: 4 colors to choose from

Product Sizes:

  • Small: 23.6″L x 18.1″W x 22″ H
  • Medium: 29.5″L x 21.1″W x 25.2″ H
  • Large: 35.4″L x 24″W x 28″ H
  • X-Large: 42.5″L x 27.6″W x 30.9″ H

The Casual Home’s Wooden End Table Crate doubles up as a stylish end table as well as a dog cage, saving space in your living room. Comes with multiple vents to provide your pooch a well-ventilated and safe environment. 

Made of durable 100% real solid wood construction, this beautiful and elegant-looking crate will fit easily into any home decor. Provide your pooch with a comfortable and safe “den-like” space, excellent for the anxious or nervous dog.

Color: 4 colors to choose from

Product Sizes:

  • Small: 27.5″L x 20″W x 24″ H
  • Medium: 36.5″L x 24″W x 29.25″ H

Made from solid wood and features a metal frame on the inside, with sturdy locks and a lid to make this a safe space for your pooch. You can even take the top off for a more open-air aesthetic.

Comes with 2 crate mats to let your furry friend lounge in a safe zen den. This is a stylish credenza, media console, or accent table, plus a comfy dog crate to keep your furry friend safe.

Color: White or Black to choose from

Crate Dimension: 55.5″ L x 24.5″ W x 30″ H – Fit dogs up to 40 lbs

Made from solid wood and crafted custom to each customer’s individual needs, this furniture crate comes with double doors. You can choose to add a removable or a fix divider or have it without any divider. A great gift for your furry babies and make their life more comfortable.

Color: 15 Top/Bottom colors to choose from.

Product Sizes:

  • 50″L x 18″W x 20″ H – Fits dogs 30 lbs.
  • 60″L x 20″W x 25″ H – Fits dogs 30-40 lbs.
  • 72″L x 24″W x 30″ H – Fits dogs 40-70 lbs. 

Custom crafted from solid wood, this entertainment center is large enough to accommodate two pooches, making a great gift for your furry babies and make their life more comfortable. You can choose to add a removable divider or have one without divider.

Color: 15 Top/Bottom colors to choose from.

Product Sizes:

  • 50″L x 18″W x 20″ H/ 27” H – Fits dogs 30 lbs.
  • 60″L x 20″W x 25″ H/ 32″ H – Fits dogs 30-40 lbs.
  • 72″L x 24″W x 27″ H/ 35″ H – Fits dogs 40-70 lbs. 

Custom crafted from solid wood to your individual needs, this rustic style wooden furniture kennel crate would make a great gift for your furry champion to make his or her rest more comfortable.

Color: 15 Top/Bottom colors to choose from.

Product Sizes:

  • 30″L x 18″W x 20″ H – Fits dogs 30 lbs.
  • 40″L x 20″W x 25″ H – Fits dogs 30-40 lbs.
  • 50″L x 24″W x 30″ H – Fits dogs 40-70 lbs.
  • 60″L x 28″W x 35″ H – Fits dogs 70-90lbs.

Crate and Play Area

If your new dog is not housetrained or is liable to chew on house item, you can prepare its arrival with good size play area using an exercise pen and an attached crate or den as below.


  • This adjustable exercise pen is perfect for your indoor, outdoor and traveling activities with your dog because it is easy to set up.
  • With its foldable design, it allows for easy set up with no tools needed and ease of storage.
  • It comes with a portable drop pin so you can conveniently expand or reduce the space needed when you play or train your pet.
  • This play and training pen have an easy access door build for ease of entry and exit.
  • The heavy gauge wire with rounded door corners were made to prevent you and your dog from getting hurt from sharp edges.

Let Your Pup Enjoys A Comfy Snug Rest In The Crate

As the name implies, the crate mat is a type of dog bed that you insert on a dog crate. A crate mat is a must if you have a dog crate. It will prevent your dog from sleeping on the hard surface of a crate. 

Crate mats are just what your dog needs to keep them rested and ready for their next adventure. Consider buying one if your pet loves to sleep inside.

There are lots of sizes to choose from because it’s designed to go with the various styles of dog crates. Furthermore, crate mats aren’t very thick. Its thickness is just enough for your pet not to sleep on the cold surface of its crate.

Crate pads are great for travels and they are easy to wash.

Snooz Crate Pad - Tear Resistant, Water Resistant Orthopedic Crate Pad

Diggs Orthopedic Snooz Crate Pad, Water & Tear Resistant

Let your furry pal lounges in style and comfort on this premium orthopedic dog crate pad that features CertiPUR-US® memory foam. Comes with removable and washable cover.

FurHaven Water Resistant Crate Pad

This water-resistant crate pad features a coated polycanvas exterior that is easy to clean – just wipe it down with a clean cloth. The medical-grade polyurethane foam core will provide your pet with insulating comfort and support. 

Simply place the pad under as a base and give your pet the benefit of extra padding while protecting your furniture and floors.

This water-resistant pad is the perfect base for your pup’s comfort in kennel and crate. Can also be used to provide your pet comfort in your vehicle, home, or garage.

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