Best Calming Treats For Dogs & Puppies

Puppy & Dog Calming Treats

Wondering if you need calming treats for your pups? Some of the common situations where calming treats can be given includes:

  1. Excitable behaviors – Anyone who has owned a dog knows how difficult it can be to control an overexcited dog , especially when they are young and hyperactive. The run all over the house, bounced off the walls and jump on guests. They pull ahead on the walk, panting and puffing, barking and eager to get to the next thing to smell. Not only can overly energetic dogs injure yourself or your loved ones, but they can also hurt themselves and destroy your home. This is especially apparent in the case of puppies, who are full of seemingly boundless energy. For this reason, many pet owners have turned to calming treats in order to keep their pets relaxed. Calming treats for dogs can normally be given multiple times a day or just when your dog starts exhibiting signs of dangerous, energetic behavior.


2. Separation Anxiety – This is the anxiety when the dog is separated from you.  With this anxiety, the dog can bark, urinate, defecate, scratch at walls or doors and destroy other items when they are on their own.  The dog may run run room to room, stare out of the window, and go berserk with joy when you return.  Research has provided evidence that dogs that are raised in socially diverse environments between six and twelve months of age are less likely to develop separation anxiety compare to those raise in isolated environments. As such, to prevent separation anxiety do try as much as possible to raise your pup in a stimulating social environment.  In addition, you can accustom your dog to bring separated from you by leaving it at home alone for increasing periods of time. Noting above, it is important to treat separation anxiety as soon as you are aware of it, as it can be a very destructive thing.

3. Fearful behavior – Dogs can shows signs of fear due to loud noises such as thunder, fireworks, car backfiring, abrupt sounds or even shouting. Signs of fear can include panting, teeth chattering, dilated eyes, trembling, hiding behind your legs, cowering under furniture, biting, growling, barking, and loss of appetite. Also it is common for such dogs to suddenly exhibit submissive urination or defamation which makes it an unpleasant situation for all. Extreme fearfulness is usually due to low self-esteem in dogs, that is they are uncertain of their status. As anything can trigger fear in such dogs, do find out the reason for the fearful behavior and eliminate the triggers if you know what they are.  

4. Aggressive behavior – There are many triggers for a variety of forms of aggression in dogs. Dogs aggression can be towards other dogs and can be towards people. That is, while being walked, aggressive dogs are difficult to control, barking at every other dog or human that they see.  I have also witnessed confident dogs being ‘offensively’ aggressive where they pick fights with other dogs and fight over who get first attention from their owners. More importantly, it is to recognise the progression of aggressive behavior which can be seen when the dog stop, stare, breathe faster, give a low growl, snarl, bark, reveal a full display of teeth, and finally bite. A tip here is never meet  aggression with confrontation or aggression.

Calming treats can help in addressing the above-mentioned unfavourable behaviors as they contain ingredients that can calm the dog such as hemp oil, chamomile, lavender, and other vitamins, herbs, and minerals.  Its not pleasant to see an otherwise a normal dog turn berserk during a sudden storm or because of a festive celebration. Calming treats will help address symptoms such as incessant barking, destructive chewing, scratching, drooling, unstoppable licking, panting, whining, jumping, and aggression. The treats can also help prevent nausea, and improve digestion. This means you will end up having a happy and calmer dog.

Calming Treats for Dogs

If you are looking into purchasing calming treats for your dog, here is a list of a brief synopsis on ten of the most popular products for your selection.

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The Best Calming Treats For Dog

If you want a quick recommendation on the best dog calming treats, check out the following:



  • Relieves 99% of dog anxieties, shown to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. This could be due to weather changes, separation anxiety, other types of nervous behavior, or simply hyperactive.
  • This duck flavored calming treats uses natural ingredients like organic Passion flower, organic ginger root, chamomile, valerian root, and l-tryptophan.
  • The calming treats will work to reduce symptoms of anxiety such as barking, chewing, excessive scratching, licking and salivating.
  • The soft chews taste like treats and does not have any added fillers such as dairy, corn, soy and artificial colors.
  • 120 Soft Chews Per Bottle.



  • Zesty Paws Calming Bites are turkey flavored chewable supplements with organic and natural ingredients that assist dogs with anxious, nervous or aggressive behaviors feel calm and comfortable.
  • These calming treats contain Suntheanine per chew, which is a pure and GRAS-designated form of L-Theanine that helps to promote relaxation without causing drowsiness. Help soothes anxieties for car rides, separation anxieties, thunderstorm, or fireworks.
  • These treats contain organic Passion flower, organic ginger root, valerian root, L-Tryptophan  to help minimize outbursts, reduces paw licking, scratching and chewing.
  • 90 Soft Chews



  • VetriScience Laboratories Composure calming formula includes colostrum, l-theanine and thiamine for supporting relaxing and calmer behavior without harmful side effects.
  • Help prevent excessive barking, aggressive and destructive behaviors, hyperactivity and abnormal urination.
  • Has Bioactive proteins with L-Theanine as calming blend to support relaxed behavior in stressful situations.
  • Tasty chicken liver flavor will keep your dog wanting more.
  • This treat can be used as needed in stressful situations or as a daily supplement, making this a great addition for your dog’s behavior management.
  • 60 Bite-Size chews.

NaturVet Calming Aid


  • NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid dog supplements help promote relaxation, reduce storm anxiety, separation anxiety, stress, fireworks, travel and motion sickness.
  • Calming Aid dog supplement is enhanced with melatonin, ginger, L-Tryptophan and thiamin to help ease your dog’s stress and anxiety.  Melatonin helps to promote rest and relaxation
  • Promote normal nervous system function and can be used daily as needed.
  • Help reduce stress and tension for situations such as traveling and fireworks.
  • High quality with no diary, no wheat.
  •  70 Soft Chews. Made in USA

Pawlife Calm Pup Hemp Treats


  • These dog treats offer relief for dogs using natural herb ingredients like organic passion flower, organic chamomile, valerian root, l-tryptophan and organic ginger root, and hemp oil.
  • A blend of natural ingredients in this anti-anxiety formula that will keep your dog calm and reduce symptoms of anxiety such as barking, excessive scratching, chewing, licking and salivating
  • These soft chews composed of soothing ingredients without fillers like dairy, corn, soy and artificial colors; 
  • Hemp will also provide joint support. 
  • 120 soft chews.
  • Made in USA

ZEN Chews Calming Treats


  • This Dog calming aid has premium Formula with Hemp, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, Magnesium, and a calming herb blend, these dog calming treats support dog anxiety relief and overall calm behavior.
  • The formulation work together to provide anxiety relief for dogs. A daily dose can assist to reduce aggression, biting, barking, jumping, and hyperactive behavior.
  • If your dog gets stressed when you leave due to separation anxiety, giving them a daily dose of these calming dog treats will relieve the anxiety.  Also helps during storms and fireworks. 
  • 90 soft chews with Bacon flavor. Made in USA.

Paw of Kerry Calming Treats


  • Paw of Kerry Hemp Calming Chews for dogs are safe and made with blend of ingredients that has positive effect on your dog’s brain function to help your calming down.
  • Has organic chamomile, organic ginger root, and Valerian root- a strong combination known for its relaxing properties to help stress, anxiety and nervousness.
  • Solution to various triggers of anxiety such as separation anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, motion sickness, that cause fear, barking, anxiety, trembling and agitation.
  • Great tasting duck flavor that any dog can’t resist. 
  • 120 soft chews. Made in USA

Nexpaw Every Dog's Calming Aid


  • NexPaw Calming Treats has chamomile, passion flower, melatonin (a natural sleep hormone), thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1) and L-Tryptophan to soothe dogs so they’re happy, relaxed in stressful situation.
  • Gentle and natural formula for scared dogs so that they can relax and rest; instead of being drugged to take their naps.
  • Great help with composure and anxiety-related problems like pacing, barking, whining, hiding, separation anxiety, car sickness, territory issues with other pets.
  • Wheat free with no unnecessary fillers that can cause allergies and digestive issues
  • 120 chews. Made in USA 

Fur Belly Calming Treats


  • Fur Belly calming treats will help reduce anxiety and stress in your dog in situations such as separation anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks, nail cutting, and travel.  Calming and eliminating stress behaviours such as barking, scratching, chewing, biting, jumping, hyperactivity or aggression so as to help your dog relax. 
  • Natural soothing organic ingredients in formula includes Passion flower, Valerian root, and L-Tryptophan. Hemp include to balance mood, calms fears and reduces compulsive behaviors.
  • Has no corn, artificial colors, sugar, colors.
  • Duck flavor. 120 soft chews
  • Made in USA

ONLY NATURAL PET - Just Relax Herbal Calming Support Soft Chews

Promote relaxation, reduce stress, soothe nerves without sedating or altering your furry companion's personality.

Bacon flavoured soft chews
Vitamin-B for healthy nerve
Oats to promote relaxation of muscles & nerves
Chamomile, Passion flower & Valerian root to soothe anxiety & induce relaxation
Ginger to help settle nervous stomach & cleanse toxins

Coupon is valid for purchase of 3 or more items.

Fun Facts: Music Can Help Dogs With Anxiety

Have You Tried Dog Music To Calm Your Dog?

Music designed for dogs who have anxiety problems can help to calm and relax your pet. Dog Music is perfect for any breed of dog at any age, for occasions which potentially  scaring your pup, or for a dog who suffers with separation anxiety.

Dog Music is also ideal for crate training as it helps your puppy to relax and feel more calm in in a new space. 

If your dog has had an injury and recovering from an operation, Dog Music will help them to relax and ease their stress.

Some senior dogs may have trouble sleeping when they start to have vision and hearing difficulty, and cause them to feel disorientated and uneasy. Dog music can aid them in falling asleep within minutes.


Anxiety and stress related symptoms can negatively affect your dog’s health and quality of life. This is why it is important to look into using calming treats for overactive, fearful, or aggressive dogs. Most of these products are safe to use multiple times a day, following the recommended feeding instructions, and have no adverse health effects when used.

Choosing the right calming treat for your dog can be time consuming, but we hoped that the above selections has provided you some great options to choose from.  For a happier, healthier, and more relaxed dog, be sure to look into some of these beneficial calming treats.

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