Best Dog Grooming Table

Dog Grooming Table

A dog grooming table can be very useful if your dog requires much daily grooming. Benefits of using a grooming table are:

  • allows you easier access and handling of the dog when grooming. This makes grooming much easier, convenient, smoother and faster.
  • assists in keeping your dog’s mind on the grooming task, as she will know that grooming is going to start when she is on the table,  and she knows that it is over when she is back on the floor.

Importance of Regular Grooming

Regular grooming is essential as it serves two important purposes:

  1. it assists to keep your dog’s coat, skin, ears, teeth, and nails in good condition. Also, you can check for external parasites, such as fleas and ticks, and any other physical anomalies such as rashes.
  2. it helps to create bonding with your dog.

Best Dog Grooming Tables

Types of Dog Grooming Tables

Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table

Uses a hydraulic pump for the table height adjustment. The pump can be foot-operated and these hydraulically adjustable tables are available could be useful for dog owners with a number of dogs that require extensive coat care. Hydraulic grooming tables which are pedal-operated are often favored due to the fact that it leaves your hands free to concentrate on the dog.

GROOMER'S BEST Hydraulic Grooming Table with Foot Pump

Electric Dog Grooming Table

Uses electric motor for table height adjustments. An external power source of 110 volts is typically needed to power the electric motor.

SHOR-LINE Elite Dog Grooming Table, Electric Lift

Foldable Dog Grooming Table

Being foldable provides space-saving, easy storage, and portability.

dog grooming table
YAHEETECH Foldable Dog Grooming Table

Best Pet Grooming Tables For Dogs

We have evaluated top-rated dog grooming tables from quality brands including GROOMER, PETLIFT, GO PET CLUB, FLYING PIG, YAHEETECH, SUNCOO to bring you the best here for your selection. 

Best Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table


  • GROOMER’S BEST Foot Hydraulic Grooming Table – one of the strongest grooming tables in the market.
  • STRONG – table top is still reinforced for maximum strength and durability.
  • SAFTEY FOR YOUR DOG – tabletop is sprayed with a non skid textured sealant, and steel reinforced for maximum durability
  • WELL DESIGN – with storage for blades and scissors. Table top has 2 clipper blade holders mounted under it and it also includes 2 scissor holes 
  • POWERFUL HYDRAULIC PUMP – allow easy and smooth adjustment of the table up and down from 20″ to 40″ in height
  • 3 TABLE SIZES AVAILABLE: SMALL – 36 x 24 inches; MEDIUM – 42 x 24 inches; LARGE – 48 x 24 inches. 
  • 5 TABLE TOP COLORS AVAILABLE – pink, purple, grey, black, and tan.


  • GO PET CLUB Hydraulic Grooming Table
  • STABLE – Z Lift frame providing stability and prevent the table top from wobbling and tipping.
  • POWERFUL HYDRAULIC PUMP – provides easy, smooth table height adjustment from 22.5″ to 40″ in height.
  • SAFTY FOR DOG – pebbled tabletop surface that is  non-slip to prevent any sliding incidents when you work with your dog. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN – table static free surface allows for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • INCLUDES – clamp on adjustable grooming arm, leash loop and clamp.
  • Table size – 36″ x 24″.


  • FLYING PIG Heavy Duty Hydraulic Table – give you closer access and reducing the need to bend when grooming.
  • STABLE AND DURABLE – with Z style frame and H style base are made of thick steel making the table very stable and durable, and prevent wobbling. 
  • HEAVY DUTY HYDRAULIC PUMP – can support dogs up to 220 pounds with lifting range from 19.5″ to 39.75″. Has foot-operated lift for easy smooth height adjustment.
  • INCLUDED – adjustable grooming arm and loop included. 
  • TABLE SIZE –  43.5 inches length by 23.5 inches width.


  • SUNCOO 43 Inch Hydraulic Pet Dog Grooming Table with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame and Adjustable Arm and Noose.
  • EASY TO USE – hydraulic grooming table operates through use of a foot pedal for controlling the table’s height. The table can be lowered enough for the dog to jump on or off.
  • GROOMING ARM HEIGH – can be easily adjusted by the clamp to meet your needs.
  • SAFETY – The noose attached to the arm keeps the dog safe, secure in the place while you bathe, dry, brush, clip and trim the dog.
  • DURABLE TABLE SURFACE – made of a textured, non-slip, durable, and easy-to-clean material.
  • TABLE SIZE –  43″L X 24″W.  
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE RANGE –  is 22″ to 39″.
  • LOAD CAPACITY – can be up to 400 lbs.

Best Electric Dog Grooming Table


  • Ergonomics was the focus of this SHOR-LINE ELITE GROOMING TABLE. It effortlessly lifts pets and places them on a secure, coated table.
  • The pivoting grooming arm can be adjusted for your preference from 22 inches to 39 inches high in 5 different positions horizontally around the end of the groomer’s stand – 180° total flexibility with six loop hook position options available as well.
  • It features a proprietary polyurethane coating to provide a secure and comfortable surface for the pet and is easy to clean and durable
  • It has a quiet, smooth lifting system that can be operated from both sides of the table.
  • Fully adjustable table height from 20″ to 41″
  • All features allow for quick and easy grooming while on it.
  • Tabletop dimension: 42.5″ length x 26″ width
  • 6 color options to choose from to fit your home or salon decor
  • It is UL/CSA certified with heavy gauge steel construction so durable you’ll have your partner for years to come!


  • PETLIFT – premium electric lift grooming table and is the strongest table in the PetLift line
  • WELL DESIGN –  for professional grooming.
  • LOW HEIGHT FOR DOG – going as low as 12″, help to reduce stress on canine by allowing them to walk on and off easily, while also reducing the groomer’s back pain by removing the need to bend down and pick up the dogs.
  • DURABLE TABLETOP – made of moisture-resistant marine plywood supported by steel crossbars, while the frame is constructed of 7 gauge heavy-duty, double powder coated steel
  • HEAVY DUTY MOTOR – provides 375 lbs. of lifting powers and offer a smooth quiet lifting and lowering action
  • EASY TO USE – comes with floor pedals on both sides of the table
  • TABLE SIZES –  24″ x 42″ for Fixed Table Top, 24″ x 46″ for Rotating Table Top, 24″ x 54″for Extra Long Table Top


  • GROOMER’S BEST Electric Grooming Table  – is one of the most stylish, affordable, and durable electric dog grooming tables on the market.
  • ELEGANT FINISH – the frame has a sleek charcoal grey finish with stainless steel accents for an elegant touch.
  • DIFFERENT COLORS – has two scissor holes and blade holders that are mounted under its non-skid tabletop surface with textured sealant in your choice of color
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH AND DURABILITY – with steel-reinforced tabletop.
  • QUIET AND SMOOTH UP DOWN MOTION – from  electric pump. Has foot pedal on both sides.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE –  from 20″ to 42″.  Has also 4 adjustable leg levelers that are completely built-in. This table will work well no matter what size you or your dog may be.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – very little maintenance needed.
  • 2 TABLETOP SIZES –  36″ x 24″ or 42″ x 24″


  • GO PET CLUB Electric Grooming Table
  • EXTRA STABILITY – with Z-Lift frame with H-Style base providing extra stability and prevents the table top from wobbling and tipping.
  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC MOTOR – provides easy, smooth height adjustment for convenience and flexibility. Electric motor lifts can adjusts from 21.5″ to 41.3″ Height.
  • PROFESSIONAL TABLE TOP –  features pebbled, non-slip plastic and rubber composite materials, while lined with premium aluminum alloy materials to prevent absorption and warping of the wood underneath. 
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – table static free surface allows for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • INCLUDED – clamp on style grooming adjustable arm made of steel and a grooming leash to keep pet in place. The product comes fully assembled.
  • TABLE SIZE – 36″ x 23.6″.


  • FLYING PIG Heavy Duty Super Low Electric Lift Dog Grooming Table
  • EASY TO USE –  for professional work and maximum comfort on part of the user. Has convenient foot control pedals and heavy steel base for durability.
  • HEAVY DUTY – with the base structure made of steel and is a double X-style frame designed for wider lifting range, lifting the table from a short height of 11.25″ to 40.65″.
  • SILICONE TABLETOP – provides softer touch and is easy to clean.  Slip-resistant and geared towards keeping pets in place.
  • INCLUDES – grooming Loops, stainless steel overhead arm, and leg levelers.
  • TABLE SIZE – 45.8″ length  by 25.7″ width.
  • MAXIMUM WEIGHT – 220 pounds.

Best Foldable Dog Grooming Table


  • MASTER EQUIPMENT Dog Grooming Table – foldable design with goal post-style legs for easy transport and storage.
  • EASY TO USE – At the turn of a knob, you can adjust the grooming arm height to accommodate short or tall breeds.
  • GRIP FRIENDLY TABLETOP SURFACE – made from pebbled composite wood and coated with easy-to-clean PVC is safe and non-slip so your pup stays where they’re supposed to be while being groomed 
  • WELL DESIGN – has a grooming loop to keep your dog stays in place while the chrome-plated, steel-reinforced rubber feet keep the table steady while you groom.
  • 3 COLORS and 3 SIZES options to choose from.


  • FLYING PIG GROOMING Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Table – great for the professional or home groomer as it is built for heavy-duty use yet light enough that you can easily move around or take on the go
  • DURABLE –  steel frame and rust resistant stainless steel construction that can support pets up to 330 pounds.
  • NON SLIP RUBBER SURFACE –  provides your pup a secure grip.
  • STURDY – has an adjustable, foldable grooming arm with noose and loop to keep your pup safely in place while you groom.
  • WELL DESIGN –  table also includes non-skid feet which means it offers stability and safety so there won’t be any accidents on slippery surface.
  • AVAILABLE – in 2 colors (Black or Blue) and 3 sizes so you can choose the perfect one to meet your grooming needs and style.


  • GO PET CLUB dog grooming table with an adjustable grooming arm – can be adjusted up to 40 inches above the tabletop to accommodate dogs of various sizes
  • STABLE – with strong goal post style legs with rubber capped feet for added stability
  • DURABLE – the table is made with deluxe aluminum-alloy edging with a waterproof top layer that keeps the wood underneath from warping
  • PORTABLE – easy to fold up during transport
  • SAFE TO USE – non slip surface to keep your pet safe while you work. Leash loop is included to hold the pet while grooming
  • EASY TO CLEAN – durable grooming table contains a static-free surface, making your table easily cleaned and maintained.


  • POLAR AURORA Foldable Dog Grooming Table
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – top quality scrap resistant & non-slip rubber tabletop with a static free board to ensure no debris or hair stick on so you can easily wiped down and clean it
  • DURABLE – 7 Layer waterproof sealed to prevent water entering the plywood top for a long trouble free use. 
  • FUNCTIONAL – comes with adjustable and stainless steel grooming arm with buckle and a under-table mesh storage tray for storing grooming tools and accessories
  • SAFTY DESIGN – includes a clamp-on adjustable grooming arm with security nylon grooming noose and buckle to keep dog stays in place while you brush, dry, clip and trim.
  • PORTABLE – easy to set it up, and easy to fold it up and keep it in any small corner for compact storage to save space.
  • FOLDABLE & STABLE – rust resistant stainless steel folding legs in rounded edges for greater safety, and every leg has a rubber cap to make the table more stable and protect the floor from being scratched
  • Size: 30″L x 18.5″ W x 33.5″ H 


  • YAHEETECH  Grooming Table is built using high quality materials
  • STURDY AND STABLE – sturdy metal bracings and a tightly-connected H-frame to help keep the table stable
  • FRAME HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE – to suit your  dog’s size and the grooming arm height can also be easily adjusted by the clamp to meet your needs
  • WELL DESIGN – has a convenient lower rack to store your grooming tools as you work, and 2 grooming ropes to help keep your pup secure and steady as you groom
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN – for easy storage and making it very easy to set up and convenient to carry around from one place to another when needed
  • ANTISKID TABLETOP – to ensure your dog’s safety during the grooming
  • 3 TABLE SIZES AVAILABLE  – 32 inch, 36 inch, 45 inch.


  • FLYING PIG GROOMING Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Bone Pattern Rubber Surface Grooming Table With Arm or Noose
  • HOME AND PROFESSIONAL USE – a heavy-duty and portable table designed for professional grooming. 
  • STURDY and DURABLE – strong steel frame with non-skid feet prevents the table from wobbling. 
  • BONE SHAPE TABLE – unique bone shape lets you get even closer to your pup
  • NON-SLIP SURFACE – the texture pattern surface ensures a secure grip
  • ITEMS INCLUDED – adjustable and foldable stainless steel grooming arm,  noose & loop, and storage basket.
  • HEAVY DUTY – table can hold up to 330 lbs.
  • 2 COLORS (Blue or Black) and 3 TABLE SIZES AVAILABLE –  Small, Medium or Large.
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