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Dog Ear Cleaning Solution

Ear Care
Regular ear cleanings are a necessary part of puppy and adult dog care as this will help to reduce ear infections. A dog’s ear has three major parts which is good to know:

  • the outer ear, which consists of the ear flap
  • the middle ear, which is separated from the outer ear by the eardrum
  • the inner ear, which connects to the brain and contains nerves for balance and hearing.

Your dog ears are important as it can provides hearing to about four times the distance of the average human.  The type of ear your dog has also makes a difference. For example, dogs with pricked up, open ears are more reactive to sounds than dogs with floppy, closed ears. In addition, dogs will try to locate the sound or and strange noise by doing the cocked head position with moving ears. With their ears playing an important function, it is important to look after your dog ears.

Dog’s ear problems
Dogs do commonly suffer from ear problems and issues such as ear odour, ear mites, fungi, bacteria, and yeast related conditions. Ear infection are common and can be seen by the redness on the skin either inside or outside the dog’s ear.

A dog with mites is very unhappy and uncomfortable. With mites, you will see a brown, greasy or waxy substance inside the dog’s ears and could comes with a musty smell. These mites burrow into the top layers of the skin, where even a few of them can stimulate a very strong itch response. Common types mites found in dogs are sarcastic mange, demoted and cheyletiella. Dogs with sarcoptic mange can cause them to barely walk, as they keep stopping to scratch.  Demodex is a tiny mite that can be found in dogs and Cheyletielle is a short-lived mite most often seen on puppies.

Fungus in the dog’s ear is most probable due to a fungal problem caused by an overgrowth of the yeast Candidiasis. When Candidiasis proliferates in the gut, this will lead to an overgrowth that turns up in the ears.  If you notice the above signs or symptoms, do seek treatment immediately as ear conditions can be very painful and can cause long-term problems.

Dogs that swim often may have water left in their ears, which is another potential source of ear problems. Dogs with allergies can also have recurrent ear infections. 

Parasites, tutors of the ear canal, trauma, ruptured eardrums, and certain skin disorders, such as seborrhoea, all can contribute to ear problems as well.

Checking for Healthy Ears
At least once a week, check the inside of your dog’s ears. Your dog should exhibit no discomfort when you touch its ears. Ensure that there is no swelling of the ear flaps and you should see a clean visible ear canal. It should have a clean, healthy doggy smell and free of bad odours.   Honey-colored wax in the ear is normal, but a a dark crusty substance might indicate problems, such as ear mites. Others signs that indicate that your dog has an ear problem includes

  • Ear scratching more than normal
  • Head shaking
  • Rubbing ears along the walls or floors
  • Tilting the head to one side
  • Discharge

Ways to prevent an ear infection:

  • Check your dog’s ears for smells, mites, ear infections or wax build-up regularly.
  • Clean the ears if dirty.
  • Clip and remove excess ear hair either yourself if able, or ask your groomer; as the dog’s ear hair can prevents proper aeration of the ear canal and this contributes to ear infections.
  • Dry the ears thoroughly after you dog’s bath or swim.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears
The suggestion is not to place or force the tip of the bottle into the ear canal, as there is the risk of rupturing the dog’s eardrum. Instead, gently massage the base of the ear to distribute the ear wash, then wipe the inside of your dog’s ear flap using cotton ball. As such, only clean the ear flap that you can see. Do not stick pointed objects or cotton swabs into the ear canal as this could risk injuring your dog’s eardrum.

Image showing cleaning dog's ear

An effective and gentle dog ear cleaner can help to remove the odor, dirt, excessive wax, bacteria and pathogens that in your dog’s ear. It is recommended to use it for routine ear cleanings so as to maintain and keep your dog’s ears clean and your dog happy.

We have selected some of the best dog ear cleaners below for your consideration and selection. 

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Our Top Picks: Best Dog Ear Cleaner

If you want good recommendation on the best best dog ear cleaning solution do check out the following:

Zymox Otic Enzymatic Dog Ear Cleaning Solution


  • Promotes canine ear health
  • Soothes ear infections, redness and inflammations
  • Treat inflammation caused by bacterial, viral and yeast infections
  • No-sting formula
  • Made in USA

Ecoears - Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs


  • For itchy ears, bad ear smell and dirty ear discharge due to mites, bacteria, parasites, yeast and fungal infections
  • All Natural, Pharmaceutical and chemical-free ear care formula for dogs
  • Made in USA

Virbac Epiotic Dog Ear Cleaner


  • Can be used for routine ear cleansing
  • Safe for puppies
  • Cleansing action helps emulsify and remove ear wax
  • Keratolytic formula assists to remove dead cells and ear debris

Burt's Bees Ear Cleaner for Dogs


  • All natural ingredients with Witch Hazel to cleanse the ears, remove excess buildup and peppermint oil to soothe the dog’s ear irritation
  • Gentle pH balanced ear cleaner suitable for all dogs and puppies
  • Made in USA

VetWELL EarWELL Dog Ear Wash


  • Gentle ear cleaner with Aloe Vera for daily use. 
  • Helps rid ears of waxy build-up, dirt, discharge and debris
  • Relieves infections caused by mites and yeast.
  • Stops painful itching and scratching
  • Made in USA

BODHI DOC Pet Ear Cleanser for Dogs


  • Gently cleanse and deodorises dog ears
  • Made with Aloe Vera and eucalyptus extract
  • Treat daily dirt, ear mites, earwax buildup, ear odor, bacteria, yeast and fungal infections
  • 2020 Family Choice Award
  • Made in USA

Zymox LP3 Enzyme System Dog Ear Cleanser


  • Clean non-infected ears
  • Patented LP3 Enzyme system helps to control microbial growth within the ears
  • No-sting formulation
  • Effective on bacteria, fungi and yeasts
  • Made in USA

Pet MD Ear Cleanser For Dogs & Puppies


  • Clean, deodorize, dry and acidify the dog’s ear canal
  • Gentle cleanser with Aloe Vera for daily use
  • Won’t sting, even for puppies
  • Pleasant sweet pea scented  ear drops
  • Made in USA

PetHonesty OTIC Ear Cleaner for Dogs


  • Powerful ingredients for reducing itching redness, eye odour, irritation and inflammation
  • Helps eliminate bacteria, yeast, fungus, ear mites and debris
  • Non-irritating formula 
  • Made in USA

Cleaning Dog's Ears FAQ

Ear cleaning for your dog is recommended as this will prevent dirt build up which can lead to ear infections. To clean your dog ears, squeeze the ear-cleaning solution into your dog’s ear canal and massage gently the base of the ear for about 30 seconds. After awhile, your dog will shake his head after which you can wipe the dislodged debris from the ear canal opening using a cotton ball or gauze.

As ears have very sensitive tissue, it is good to use a natural  ear cleaner that is safe and gentle for your dog’s ear. This means that the ear cleaner should not sting, burn or aggravate the ear canal.  Please note Hydrogen Peroxide should not be use as it could damage the ear.

Your dog healthy earwax should have a pale, yellowish colour.   If there is brown stuff or earwax it is abnormal and could be a sign of an ear infection.  Some dogs are more prone to infection as a result of excessive swimming while some are prone due to the shape of their ears and hair growth in ear canals.

The black stuff or dark, red brown crusts from the dog ear is typically composed of dried blood.  This is a symptom of the presence of dog ear mites.  As ear mites are highly contagious, dog could get them by spending time in close physical contact with other animals who have ear mites. Deep cleaning of the dog’s ear to flush out the mites is the first step in treating this condition.

Some dogs secrete more earwax and sebum than others. Other could have more hair inside the ears. Typically, you can clean your dog’s ear at least once a month for most dog’s with normal ears. If your dog swim a lot, then more frequent cleaning is recommended.

Ear Cleaning for Dogs Conclusion

Keep your dog’s ear in good condition will result in a healthier dog.  The selection above are sought after dog ear cleaners that are ‘Made in USA’.  Maintaining your dog’s ear health will ultimately contributes to improving your dog’s quality of life and the quality of time you spend with them!

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