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Dog Silencer and Anti Barking Device

Handheld ultrasonic dog silence and dog bark control can stop dog from building bad behaviours.  We can start changing dog’s behavior from the day they turn 6 months old. And while a training clicker is great for encouraging positive behaviors, dog silencer and bark control will train out all the negative ones.

Best Dog Silencer & Bark Control

How Dog Silencer Works

When you’re out with your dog it might exhibit unwanted behaviours such as scamper away, bark at others, jump on other people and be a general menace to society. So every time the dog does an unwanted behavior, simply press the bark control device button and the ‘noise’ emitted at ultrasonic sound frequency will stop the dog’s behavior. While the dog might not get it immediately, but over 3 to 10 days they’ll begin to learn their behavior is the one creating the ‘noise’ and when they stop, the ‘noise’ will stop too.

Dog silencer
STÙNICK Handheld Anti Barking Device

Best Dog Silencer & Anti Bark Control

Some of the best dog bark control devices and dog silencer brands such as MODUS, GOOD LIFE, BRELLAVI, and STUNICK are provided here for your review and selection. If you want good recommendations on top-rated dog silencer and bark control devices, check out the following:


  • Dog Bark Control and Dog Training –  ultrasonic anti bark device that provides a safe and effective solution for dog training and bark control. The anti bark device can effectively train your dogs to stop unwanted behaviors such as barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, etc.
  • Suitable for All Size Dogs – The average human hearing frequency range is 20HZ~20KHZ, and the dog can hear a wider range from 15HZ to 120KHZ. MODUS ultrasonic bark control emits ultrasonic sound at 25KHZ, so the sound doesn’t affect humans, but can grab dogs’ attention.
  • Convenient to Use Outdoor – MODUS ultrasonic barking dog deterrent just fits nicely in your hand and comes with an adjustable anti-static wrist strap. 
  • The control range of MODUS bark deterrent is 16.4ft. With ultrasonic technology, it works effectively on all sizes of dogs.
  • Easy to Use – When you press & hold the button of the MODUS ultrasonic barking control device, it will emit an ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by dogs. The LED indicator lights up green when the device is working and emitting ultrasonic sound. Press the button for over 10 seconds, the device will be turned off automatically. The device is powered by 4 AAA batteries (Included).


  • Every time your dog or the neighbor’s dog barks, the Bark Control Pro emits a powerful, high-frequency sound to stop the dogs from barking
  • While harmless and inaudible to humans, dogs find this tone extremely irritating. After a short training period, your pup will learn that his barking is causing the uncomfortable noise
  • Adjustable Bark Sensor – Allow you to raise or lower the sensitivity as needed
  • The Original Groundbreaking Humane Bark Control System – Backed By Over 15 Years of Success
  • Safe & Humane – Trusted by Veterinarians, Dog Trainers & Customers Worldwide
  • Automatically Detects Barking Up To 50 Feet. Use the Convenient Remote Control for Dogs Up to 150 Feet Away
  • Perfect for Indoors or Outdoors. Multiple Power Options. Easy to Use and Setup. 60 Day Guarantee.


  • Dog trainer and anti-barking device – will help you train your dog to have good behavior, i.e. stop digging, clawing, biting, scratching, and staying off your home furniture.
  • This handheld barking control device also helps you keep unfriendly dogs away. It uses two transmitters, which can reach up to 50 feet (15 M). It will protect you from any unfriendly dog by sending a message to the approaching dogs before they become aggressive while you are running, walking, or biking. 
  • Safe for both human and pet. The human hearing range is from 20HZ to 20KHZ; the dog hearing range is from 15HZ to 120KHZ. The Bark Control emits sound around 35 to 45HKZ, so it is safe for you and your pets.
  • Portable and easy to carry wherever you go. This handheld training device is about 13.7 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm.
  • Comes with a super bright LED flashlight that can protect you against the vicious dog while you are outdoor at night. It also work as an ordinary flashlight at night.
  • Effective up to 20 feet. If you have neighbors dogs bark, point this anti barking training device in their direction as a deterrent. In 10 days they might learned a new behavior
  • This pet gentle anti barking devices feature a sonic anti-barking deterrent and bright flashlight to shine into eyes. However, cannot be used as a safety device against attacking or aggressive dogs as they may not be trained or conditioned, and you can never know exactly how tough or angry the other dog is.  Use this dog barking control device as a noise repellent or training tool only.
  • The STUNICK dog training ultrasonic sound device is made with a watertight abs casing, so you can take it out even on rainy days.
  • Uses 1 x 9v battery (batteries not included) and also comes with a 30-day money-mack guarantee.
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