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Our Mission & Goal

Hi, my name is Caroline Stowe and I am the co-founder of Dog Lovers Pup. I am a dog enthusiast & a proud dog mum who loves spending my time researching for the best products for my fur kid.  I would love to share my knowledge freely with all dog lovers who desire to give the best to their dogs and puppies.

Our desire for Dog Lovers Pup is to become a trusted place where dog lovers hang out to find trusted reviews, advice and resources to make a better informed decisions when buying everything your canine need, from that very 1st day you brought your furry baby and canine pal home.

Regardless if you are a 1st time dog parent, or you have been one your whole life, you can always find something here to improve the quality of life for your beloved dogs and puppies!

Our goal and mission in creating Dog Lovers Pub is to provide clear and unbiased evaluations on products we have reviewed so as to help you be a better-informed dog parent and provide what is best for your dog & puppy.

We are not affiliated (in any way) with pet food manufacturers. The views and opinions expressed in the articles posted here are presented in good faith and are strictly our own. 

DogLoversPup.com is not a medical resource and we are not veterinarians. The content on this website is not a substitute for professional veterinary guidance. We do not suggest feeding a particular product will result in a specific health benefit for your pet. You should always consult with a licensed veterinary professional before taking any specific action.

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